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NEW NOISE: Childcare

Sultry pop brushed with a tinge of infectious and exotic electronica, Childcare is the new project from London based musician Ed Cares. It may be early days, but here's why we think you should have the band on your radar.
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NEW NOISE: The Nightmare Police

If you're looking for overly-studio-produced radio rock, shut it off now. The Nightmare Police is a clash of genres and eclecticism at its finest and that's exactly why you should read more and listen.
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NEW NOISE: Pavilions

Whatever you’re expecting from this quintet, you’ll need to push your preconceptions aside. With a unique sound not often found this side of the Atlantic, Pavilions (that’s one ‘l’!) are storming their hometown scene.

The Rotted Video Interview

So when BringthenoiseUK heard that UK metallers The Rotted had a whole heap of video interviews booked to take place during Bloodstock 2009, we did the decent thing. We booked one in too to add to their workload, not really... We couldn't go to Bloodstock and not catch up with bands like The Rotted, who keep UK metal alive and kicking!!

Battlelore Video Interview

So when we found out Battlelore were playing Bloodstock 2009 we knew we had to interview them, Tom Raybould caught up with them to talk all things Battlelore...

Amon Amarth Video Interview

Bloodstock 2009 would be nothing without bands like the legendary Amon Amarth, we sent Tom Raybould along to catch up with the giant metal monster that is Amon Amarth front man Johan. This is how things went down..

Darkness Dynamite Video Interview

So french metallers Darkness Dynamite popped over to our lovely country for a performance at this years Bloodstock Festival, so we did what any self respecting website would do. We got our metal man Tom Raybould to interview them and find out how it feels to be playing such a prestigious UK festival, this is how it went down....

Anterior Video Interview

Wales finest metal band Anterior get interviewed by the cheeky bastard that is Ian Arnold, the last time these three met there was a lot of drinking involved, a certain person fell into a bush (or may have been pushed) and there were pants worn on heads! www.bringthenoiseuk.com all the way people! Thats how we roll...
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