MUSIC INTERVIEW: Millencolin Talk Touring

We were overjoyed when Millencolin returned in 2015 with their eighth studio album True Brew, their first material since 2008’s Machine 15. The Swedish skate-punks head back to the UK this week in support of their latest album, so drummer Fredrik Larzon has shared some of his stories from the road – it turns out he injures himself a lot…

Favourite thing about touring

Playing the shows of course! Watching bands and also to hang out with my buddies in the band and crew is the best.

Least favourite thing about touring

I really like touring but if I have to pick something bad that would be being away from the family.

Top 5 essential items

Except from my drum gear and a good meal I don’t need much I guess. Headphones, my phone and maybe some good book or movies.

Best way to kill time on the road

I love browsing used vinyl record stores!

“The Mosts”

Memorable moment

One great memory for me is the 20 year anniversary 2-day festival we put up a few years back in Örebro, Sweden. We invited some of our favorite bands to play and old friends to hang out. The festival was packed both days. Good times!

Hilarious moment

Us tattooing our autographs on a guys leg in Florida was a new experience for sure! Lots of fun and of course a big honour.

Embarrassing thing to ever happen

I ran up on stage in a hurry once (in Australia) and somehow I missed the drumstool and just fell off the drum riser down behind the stage. I don’t know if anybody noticed but it felt like it for sure.

Disastrous moment

Breaking my collarbone while skateboarding in Australia on tour was really bad. Hurt as hell and sucked not being able to play.

Alcohol induced/drunken moment

We played a show in Denver in the US same night as NOFX and of course we went to hang out and watch their show after we played (another venue) and I got way too drunk and managed to break my elbow. End of tour for me!

Outragous/jaw dropping moment

Fletcher from Pennywise used our merchguy to clean a table. Plates, glassware and bottles flying all around. It was a friendly fight though haha.

Rewarding moment

Every night being on stage and seeing the crowd go crazy, singing and dancing to our songs is the biggest reward!


Catch Millencolin on tour this week at one of the following shows:


Fri 12th – LONDON – Electric Ballroom
Sat 13th – MANCHESTER – Ritz
Sun 14th – BRISTOL – Bierkeller

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