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ALBUM REVIEW: Bonecarver – Carnage Funeral

Bonecarver exploded onto the scene with the savage debut release 'Evil' back in 2021, and have since made a name for themselves with their own dark take on the brutal death metal/deathcore genre. Now, with their second album 'Carnage Funeral' locked and loaded, the band are looking to take the next creative step in their career and make the world take real notice.
Music Reviews

ALBUM REVIEW: Palaye Royale – Fever Dream

There aren't many records we can sit here and listen to on repeat. Yet, here we are, lying on our bedroom floor only moving when it's time to flip to Side-B and repeat. What album has us putting life on hold? Palaye Royale's fourth studio album, 'Fever Dream', that’s what.
Music Reviews

ALBUM REVIEW: The Pretty Reckless – Other Worlds

For us, 'Death by Rock and Roll' was one of 2021’s top albums. Easily top ten for several of us at Bring The Noise UK and 18-months later it is still on heavy rotation on our turntable and in our headphones. So when The Pretty Reckless dropped a brand new mini-album packed with covers, acoustic versions and remixes of some of our favourite songs on 'Death by Rock and Roll', we were already sold. 
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