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ALBUM REVIEW: Rise Against – Nowhere Generation

Resonance through the medium of music is a difficult thing to capture decades down the line in a band's career, but with every new record from punk-rock giants Rise Against, the profound impact of their unapologetic, socially conscious message, mixed with their melodic punk-rock sound only gets louder, stronger and more powerful than the previous. With album number nine, 'Nowhere Generation', Rise Against’s voice is turned up tenfold. 
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ALBUM REVIEW: Black Midi – Cavalcade

Black Midi’s Mercury-nominated debut 'Schlagenheim' proved that they are one of the most unique bands the UK has produced in years. However, after the huge success of this record, will the boys from Brit school show any signs of second album syndrome in 'Cavalcade'?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Our Hollow, Our Home – Burn In The Flood

Southampton based Our Hollow, Our Home are firm frontrunners as the next face of UK modern metalcore music. Since the band's formation back in 2012, the five piece have done releasing music the DIY method, independently dropping not only their debut EP //Redefine and debut album Hartsick, but also a string of singles and a follow-up second record In Moment // In Memory; an album that truly sets Our Hollow, Our Home apart from their peers in a growingly overcrowded scene. Check out what we thought of their third full-length 'Burn In The Flood'
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ALBUM REVIEW: VEXED – Culling Culture

Recently signed with Napalm Records, VEXED are one of the UK’s most exciting prospects in alt-metal. Megan Targett’s brutal but vulnerable lyrics and delivery combined with Jay Bacon’s meaty riffs instantly make them stand out from the crowd as a band to watch. So, does their debut do the hype justice?
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LIVE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots, Livestream Experience (Live Stream), 21/05/21

Live music is the lifeblood for a band like Twenty One Pilots. Their most recent live stream experience brought the duos candid expressions and wild imaginations to life like no other livestream has done over the last fourteen months, with brighter, bolder sights bringing 'Scaled and Icy' and the bands otherwise colour themed back catalogue to life with an hour long carefully choreographed, musical and visual masterpiece of an experience. This is the stunningly immersive story of 'Scaled and Icy'.  
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ALBUM REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots – Scaled and Icy

Twenty One Pilots are undoubtedly one of the biggest bands in the world. Their own brand of alternative anthems make them have a place in so many people’s hearts. So how will changing up their sound to a pop style translate in 'Scaled and Icy'?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Knomad Spock – Winter of Discontent

Knomad Spock – a name derived from the restless spirit that has driven him through life, is an artist who hails jointly from Britain and Somalia. His debut record consists of poetry, rap and neofolk, which accumulate to make 'Winter of Discontent'. With influences ranging from Four Tet to Radiohead, the record sees the artist paint a canvas that expresses his dual heritage with a variety of different paints.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Royal Blood – Typhoons

With the release of 'Typhoons', British duo Royal Blood have taken their craft and perfected (almost) every single possible aspect, managing to put out a record that’s punchy yet groovy at the same time, which is sure to become the favourite for a lot of people.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Gojira – Fortitude

Gojira were arguably the metal band of the decade in the 2010s, with the huge 'L’Enfant Sauvage' and Grammy-nominated 'Magma'. They are a band hot on the lips of every metal fan, and are well on their way to being an all-time great - so, how does 'Fortitude' begin the next decade for the French band?
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