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Monster Truck: We held onto this album for four years

Monster Truck have been sitting on their latest album since just before the COVID witch swooped in to cast a shadow over all our lives. Fearful of releasing an album they were immensely proud of and having it lost in the pandemic panic and chaos, the Canadian foot-stomping rock juggernauts showed great patience, waiting until the time was right to release their latest musical baby into the world.

Dead Posey: We Love Our Moonstruck Lunatics

Dead Posey penned a tribute to their fans in lockdown, declaring them ‘Moonstruck Lunatics’ and at Download, frontwoman Danyell Souza reckons they found their lunatics in their thousands. Speaking to Bring the Noise UK, she, and multi instrumentalist husband Tony Fagenson, heaped praise on their ‘Moonstruck Lunatics’, while explaining the driving force and catalyst for their significant musical evolution.

Creeper: Hannah Greenwood and the Year 3000

Somewhere deep in the bowels of Download, beyond the prying eyes of their adoring fans, sit goth-rock-punk superstars Creeper. We caught up with keyboardist/vocalist Hannah Greenwood ahead of their performance on The Avalanche Stage earlier this month, to discuss pre-show routines, the return of live music and more.
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