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ALBUM REVIEW: Bowling For Soup – Pop Drunk Snot Bread

In a revival of the pop-punk scene, with the rise of Travis Barker's entourage of renaissance emos, it would be criminal for punk-rock royalty, Bowling For Soup, not to inject their comical twist on the affair. So, in keeping with true BFS fashion, the quartet lace their eleventh record, 'Pop Drunk Snot Bread', with ‘too old for this’ quips, ‘why so serious’ jibes and ‘we’re motherf*cking Bowling For Soup’ attitude. Now, screw ‘hot girl summer’ who’s ready for pop punk summer?!
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EP REVIEW: Crown Magnetar – Alone in Death

When it comes to good music sometimes it really does come down to quality over quantity, and that is exactly what we get with the new extended play from Crown Magnetar. 'Alone In Death' follows on perfectly from the band’s 2021 debut full-length 'The Codex of Flesh', with another six examples of crushingly heavy, impossibly technical death metal.
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EP REVIEW: Kublai Khan TX – Lowest Form of Animal

Kublai Khan TX have always expressed the rawest aspects of human emotion in their lyrics and used to talk of the harsher side of the human experience. On ‘Lowest Form of Animal’, this formula of empathy through collected anger reaches a new peak of emotional resonance.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Set It Off – Elsewhere

Set It Off are back with another record, 'Elsewhere', an album that promises to take listeners on a ride through an unseen side of the band. Will their new formula create the perfect pop potion or will it be pop poison?
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