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ALBUM REVIEW: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Sticky

Is Frank Carter the greatest rock star of this generation? From jumping into crowds from crazy heights to getting a giant spider tattooed on his head – he’s as punk as it gets. The band’s first three records were raw, heavy, in-your-face guitar music that took no prisoners, so how does their latest effort 'Sticky' hold up?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Dying Wish – Fragments of a Bitter Memory

Metalcore is, for the most part, a creatively moribund genre. As with all scenes, it’s not without its trailblazers and its cult diamonds in the rough, but ultimately it’s a form of music that’s swapped intensity for formulas, and sincerity for tropes. Dying Wish are a metalcore band. But they’ve got no resemblance to the kinds of band that have just been mentioned. This is metalcore circa 2002: vital, visceral and venomous. A sound that’s pleasingly retro, without ever feeling dated. And it’s great.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Trivium – In The Court Of The Dragon

Trivium are undoubtedly one of the greatest metal acts to come out of the 21st century. For the last 18 years they’ve been churning out great record after great record like it’s nobody’s business, and with such a quick turnaround for their last record, does 'In The Court Of The Dragon' further cement Trivium’s future place in the metal hall of fame?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Blood Youth – Visions of Another Hell

There’s a lot to unpack around 'Visions of Another Hell'. It's Blood Youth's final record with long-time vocalist Kaya Tarsus who has now left the band, handing the torch to his successor, before the album is even released. Does this mean Blood Youth's latest effort is doomed to failure with one of its key components no longer part of it, or does it lend even more weight to a collection of tracks that are truly trapped like a moment in time?
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