Creeper: Hannah Greenwood and the Year 3000

Somewhere deep in the bowels of Download, beyond the prying eyes of their adoring fans, sit goth-rock-punk superstars Creeper. We caught up with keyboardist/vocalist Hannah Greenwood ahead of their performance on The Avalanche Stage earlier this month, to discuss pre-show routines, the return of live music and more.
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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Slam Dunk Festival North 2021

The Slam Dunk Festival 2021 line-up had been one that heavy music fans had been waiting for what seemed like eternity. Since its original announcement for Slam Dunk 2020, the line-up had gone through many changes and has somehow managed to stay absolutely brilliant. It really was a day in the diary not to be missed.


After further enhancing their status as one of Britain’s best upcoming bands with their recently released EP – the enchanting American Noir, we caught up with vocalist Will Gould at Slam Dunk festival about all things Creeper.
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