MUSIC FEATURE: Tips for 2016

There’s no denying that 2015 was a great year for music and we waved it off with a smile when the New Year chimes hit, but now we’re looking to the next twelve months and picking what is going to be our soundtrack. From everything to punk and hardcore, to the dulcet tones of acoustic artists, we’ve rounded up some of the best acts who we think are going to have something to shout about this year!

Not since the days of My Chemical Romance and their Black Parade have a band been able to encapsulate a fanbase with both an eye for stark iconography and an ear for insatiably catchy punk rock. That is until Creeper descended on the UK scene last year in a black cloud of gothic charm, proving with their phenomenal second EP, The Callous Heart, that they are so much more than a gang of kids trying to relive the glory days of early AFI. Seeing in their second full year as band with a new lineup and a third EP, The Stranger, primed for a February release, expect Creeper to enlist new members of their cult on an international scale in 2016.

Standout Tracks: VCR, Honeymoon Suite,

For Fans Of: Alkaline Trio, AFI, My Chemical Romance


The Beach

One of the most mysterious artists on the scene right now, The Beach is a perfect slice of chilled out indie pop. With little information available about him, other than that he hails from Clapham, South London, The Beach lets the music speak for itself & it certainly does. With a voice like liquid perfection & lyrics that tug at the heartstrings there is little to not love. Think James Bay, Hozier & Ben Howard all rolled in to one with a splash of something extra. Be sure to check out Maybe? and From Above.

Standout Tracks: Home, Maybe?,

For Fans Of: Ben Howard, Johnny Cash, Benjamin Francis Leftwich


Black Peaks

Fusing technical guitar lines, heavy riffing and soaring choruses, Brighton’s Black Peaks are set to make 2016 a significantly louder and more interesting year. With their debut record set for release in the early part of this year, this highly talented quartet will be spending most of 2016 on tour. If their ferocious live show is anything to go by, this record is going to be making top ten of the year lists across the industry. Do yourselves a favour, pre-order the record and head out to a show real soon. You won’t regret it.

Standout Tracks: Glass Built Castles, Crooks

For Fans Of: Reuben, Glassjaw


Milk Teeth

Transcending punk rock, grunge, shoegaze and pop in one foul swoop, Milk Teeth are the key ingredient in bringing a bit of grit back to the mainstream. As savage as it is sweet, the contrast of soaring alt-rock and spiky DIY-bred punk will no doubt be the driving force behind the quartet’s forthcoming debut album, Vile Child.

Already posing a threat of leading the next British invasion of American soil, the authentic grunginess of Milk Teeth’s sound is screaming for a transatlantic audience, and with their first US festival appearance already confirmed (at Texas bash So What? in March), this band will be one of Britain’s shining lights for the next 12 months and beyond.

Standout Tracks: Brickwork, Vitamins

For Fans Of: Title Fight, Sonic Youth, Nai Harvest



Pretty much every city in the UK has their work cut out for them with that rate that Sheffield has been exporting visceral post-hardcore and metal as of recent, and after inking a deal with Hassle Records and releasing an eye-opener of an EP in Daylight Disease, 2015 was a momentum-building year for Elegies.

If you caught them supporting the likes of While She Sleeps and label buddies Max Raptor last year, then you will know just how hard a punch this quintet will be packing in 2016 with their unsparing dual vocal assaults and intense bursts of melody.

Standout Tracks: Cocoon, Throne

For Fans Of: The Used, While She Sleeps


Rat Boy

Since he’s been fired from Wetherspoons and turned down by McDonalds, it’s probably just as well that Jordan Cardy’s musical career is kicking off the way it is. Under the stage name ‘Rat Boy,’ Cardy self recorded a mixtape on his mum’s laptop at the age of 18, and has since signed to Parlophone. His brand of intelligent tongue-in-cheek hip hop/indie rock has seen Rat Boy become the voice of a generation – his stories and narratives depicting life for your average Essex teenager placing him at the spearhead of the new wave of politically aware teens. Despite his explosion onto the indie scene going right over the heads of music critics of a certain age, Rat Boy has been shortlisted to be a significant new artist in 2016 by the likes of NME, MTV and the BBC.

Stand Out Tracks: Sign On, Fake ID

For Fans Of: Jamie T, The King Blues


Max Raptor

Max Raptor spent their 2015 being pissed off. Very pissed off. Finding a voice that certainly speaks volumes on the state of British politics, mainstream media, and the alarming rise of right-wing extremism, their Damage Appreciation EP was a bold leap towards crafting their spiky and spiteful sound.

Already back in the studio, and set to cause a ruckus on a triple-headed slog of the UK with Allusondrugs and Press to MECO next month, the exciting chapter of Damage Appreciation is just testament to Max Raptor’s potential in 2016 as one of Britain’s most outspoken bands.

Standout Tracks: Damage Appreciation, England Breathes

For Fans Of: Lower Than Atlantis, The Bronx


Muncie Girls

When this Exeter punk trio drop their debut album, From Caplan To Belsize, in March, you will struggle to find catchier tracks for the remainder of the year. Delivering their own abrasive stance on contemporary politics, feminism and the obstacles of adolescent life in modern day Britain, the undeniable bounce and angsty 90s vibes of Muncie Girls’ power pop is merely a backdrop for something far more vital to British punk: the movement never lost its social conscience, but with the sheer joy that is felt from hearing Muncie Girls’ huge choruses, it’s something that can finally be universally adored.

Standout Tracks: Gone With the Wind, Pet Sematary

For Fans Of: Verruca Salt, Sleater-Kinny, Great Cynics



Better known as the vocal powerhouse in Rudimental, Anne-Marie first made her name touring and providing her soulful voice to the R’n’B group, but now she’s flying solo. This sassy songstress incorporates elements of reggae and soul in with pop and electro elements to create infectious tracks with funk beats. Having released an EP last year, 2016 will see Anne-Marie fully establish herself as one of the UK’s finest artists with her debut album, keep your eyes peeled.

Standout Tracks: Boy, Do It Right

For Fans Of: Rudimental, Katy B, AlunaGeorge


Press To MECO

The combination of tech-metal lunacy and triple-layered vocal harmonies is a bit like dunking McDonald’s chips into your chocolate milkshake: it really shouldn’t work, but in Press to MECO’s case, it is done to mind-blowing effect. Their long-awaited debut album, Good Intent, was a mission statement that went stratospheric with its chunky riffs and complex time signatures, before going even further with its pop sensibilities.

This South-East trio are boldly going where no band has gone before by comparing themselves to ‘Meshuggah meets One Direction’; it’s a collaboration that will hopefully never see the light of day, but Press to MECO have found the balance almost effortlessly.

Standout Tracks: Affinity, Family Ties

For Fans Of: Zoax, Arcane Roots, Colt 45



Cheltenham post-hardcore outfit Crooks started 2015 a little quiet, but by the end of the year they had dropped one of the most beautiful, inspiring and emotionally raw records we’ve ever heard. Taking their sound in a new direction from their heavier days, to a more polished, mature sound which flaunts their potential effortlessly. With a tour on the cards with Glassjaw and Coheed and Cambria, 2016 is sure to be the year that Crooks soar.

Standout Tracks: What Might Have Been, A Few Peaceful Days, Dear Reader

For Fans Of: letlive., Embracer, Pianos Become the Teeth



Scotland has done well over the years, giving us a whole array of mind-meltingly good bands to treat our ears with and their latest export are trio Fatherson, who are about to make 2016 their year. Debut album I Am An Island introduced them as talented songwriters, creating swooning melodies and harmonies that can reduce you to tears and with their second full-length on the horizon, we’re expecting much of the same, but on a much grander scale. Tissues at the ready, folks.

Standout Tracks: Always, James, I Like Not Knowing

For Fans Of: Twin Atlantic, The Xcerts, Lonely the Brave



Much like 2015, 2016 is only going to continue the surge of British pop-punk bands, and that is certainly not a bad thing. Leading the pack of smalltown heroes are Weatherstate, a quartet who deliver their pop-punk with a kick and a punch to the eardrums. New EP Dumbstruck will see the band go from one of the underdogs to the leader of the pack and the rest of the year will be theirs to command.

Standout Tracks: The World Has Got It In For You, Piss It All Away

For Fans Of: Boston Manor, Gnarwolves, Such Gold


Jerry Williams

This petite songstress from the South Coast has been winning hearts with her angelic voice for a few years now, with 2015 opening up an array of doors and opportunities that edged her towards the limelight. Don’t be mistaken by her girl-next-door looks though, Jerry has got a small fire in her ready to burn and with lyrics that could relate to every woman’s love life she’ll soon be the soundtrack to every break-up in 2016. For a little extra charm, check out her cover of R Kelly‘s Bump ‘n’ Grind, no seriously.

Standout Tracks: Cold Beer, Boy Oh Boy

For Fans Of: Gabrielle Aplin, Kate Nash, Nina Nesbitt

Written By: Danny Randon, Tamsyn Wilce, Chris Robinson, Laura Brown and Jo Howarth

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