Muncie Girls


ALBUM REVIEW: Muncie Girls – From Caplan To Belsize

Muncie Girls are one of the many recent female-fronted, all-inclusive bands that have surged to the forefront of the punk scene, and hopefully this trend will continue. Earnest and melodic, From Caplan to Belsize reminds us that we need to give credit to the DIY punx out there who are out there keeping music fresh and more exciting than ever.

MUSIC FEATURE: Tips for 2016

There's no denying that 2015 was a great year for music and we waved it off with a smile when the New Year chimes hit, but now we're looking to the next twelve months and picking what is going to be our soundtrack. From everything to punk and hardcore, to the dulcet tones of acoustic artists, we've rounded up some of the best acts who we think are going to have something to shout about this year!