2015 was an exciting year for rock outfit Never Hill, who released an extended version of their Epilogue EP featuring two alternative tracks. We recently caught up with Pete from the band to discuss the EP and what is in store for Never Hill in 2016.

So you released an extended version of your Epilogue EP earlier this year including two alternative versions of tracks featured on the original record. What made you choose to reimagine Fire and Starting Line as opposed to the others?

We felt that Fire and Starting Line were ones that we could change quite a lot to transition them into alternate versions. For example we took Fire and turned it from a pumping, motivating rock track into a softer, rousing acoustic track. Also these two tracks are fan favourites from the EP and so we thought fans would enjoy hearing them re imagined in this way.

What’s the reaction been like to the extended version in comparison to the original?

The reaction has been good so far, numerous positive reviews and positive numbers, it stands us in a great position for our next release in 2016!

You head out on tour for a handful of shows at the start of next year, for those who are yet to see you live why should they come and check you out?

We offer a great live experience, with high energy performance, crowd interaction and songs that you just can’t help but move to and then walk out the venue singing. Our aim is that if you come to see us play live once, you will almost certainly want to come again.

If you could play a show at any venue in the world with any band of your choice, who would it be and why?

Ooo that’s hard, we all have our favourite bands but throughout the band there’s one artist we can all agree on…..Justin Bieber, he is a guilty pleasure and musical genius! It would be awesome to gig with him as he is down to earth and then smashes it on stage. Playing with him at great venue like The Roundhouse in London would be truly awesome cause then atmosphere would be insane!

Finally, what can we expect from Never Hill in 2016 (aside from the tour!)

Well as you have mentioned we are touring next year, starting straight off the bat with one in January, quickly followed by one in February during which we will play our very first gig in Wales! Around this time we will be back in the studio writing new material for a single; this new material has got us all pumped and we can’t wait to get it out there to the fans! Throughout 2016 our target is to play some festivals and gig as much as we can, we are committed to getting our sound and message across to as many people as we can and to have a load of fun doing it! Look out for us!

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