EP REVIEW: Never Hill – Epilogue (Extended Version)

Following on from it’s original release back in June, Nuneaton outfit Never Hill have re-released their Epilogue EP – this time with two additional alternative tracks. Usually we’re not fans of the whole re-release, especially without a significant change to the previous versions; but maybe Epilogue could change our minds.

The release begins with Forgive Me. Fooling listeners into thinking that this is going to be a slow start we’re thrown lashing of pop-rock guitar lines which changes the direction completely. Adam Ross’ vocals are captivating whilst possessing strength to turn this into an emotive track. Okay, there’s nothing new about this track and it doesn’t really ever lead anywhere but it’s a pleasant start to the release, and maybe we can forgive them for the rocky start. In complete contrast Fire opens in an acoustic manner with distant vocals before slowly progressing into stronger, punchy choruses and an upbeat chorus. From the weak opener it seems Never Hill have found their feet with brashy riffs and a heavy drumline, which you’ll be drumming along to in your room.

By this point we’re hoping a spark is going to come and completely turn around the release for us so we decide to see if the two guest artist additions do that. First up is Starting Line with Eleni Drake, which unfortunately doesn’t change our opinion on the release. It feels distinctively unoriginal, the guitar lines feel too overused and the stark contrast between Ross’ and Drake’s vocals separate the track into sections. Never Hill are trying too hard to throw in multiple elements, without perfecting each individual one before over complicating things. Afraid Of The Dark with Jack Voss works slightly better, with both vocalists creating the same track tone and complimenting each other. This track shines lyrically, singing of the fearful situations in which many of us face during our lives. The haunting backing vocals add a spine tingling feature to this track, beginning to slowly redeem the release.

Colours and Stay Away complete the original release. Colours; a heartfelt affair could make it one of the standout tracks on the release. The delicate piano line shows that maybe deep down there is a unique sound just waiting to come out of Never Hill. Stay Away returns to the same vain of the rest of the release with a generic guitar line and lyrics lacking the edge to make us sit up and pay attention.

Additional versions of Fire and Starting Line can be found on the re-release. Striped back Fire feels like a completely new track, every bit of excitement we found from the punchy upbeat version has disappeared. Yes Ross’ vocals are slick and sincere but it’s just…dull. On the other hand Starting Line, which lacked a spark previously, gets shown in a whole new light. With harsh vocals, delicate piano lines and thought out instrumental sections, maybe the best was saved ’til last?

Despite trying our hardest to fall in love with this EP there’s just a unique spark missing to set it apart from other bands on the scene right now. With this being said Never Hill have shown signs of promise, and after some twigging of their sound could turn their next release into something a bit more memorable.


Standout Tracks: Afraid Of The Dark, Starting Line (Alternative)

For Fans Of: Deaf Havana, You Me At Six, Lower Than Atlantis

Written by: Nicola Craig

Nicola Craig
Head of Live with an unwavering love for the seaside, live music and writing about others instead of myself. Twitter: @nicolalalalar