ALBUM REVIEW: Black Peaks – Statues

Black Peaks are one of the most interesting bands in post-hardcore and metal music today, and Statues is a whirlwind of different styles within and without heavy music. It will subvert any opinions one may have that heavy music has become stale, and reassure audiences that an interesting, intense, incredible band can still attain a degree of mainstream recognition in the digital age.

ALBUM REVIEW: Wolfmother – Victorious

There was a point where Wolfmother were thought of as the second coming of the classic 70's rock that is so universally loved. Since their debut album's release in 2006, it seems as though the band have constantly been trying to ride its coattails, trying to emulate its sound and success - unfortunately, it's not always successful.

ALBUM REVIEW: Lock & Key – Peaceless

Britain certainly has the knack for producing good hardcore. Yet, arguably, our friends across the pond still lead the way in the aggressive sub-genre. Their record for exporting hard-hitters is impeccable, but the British brew has character and distinction. Lock & Key’s debut full-length, Peaceless, shows that we can keep up.

ALBUM REVIEW: Boss Keloid – Herb Your Enthusiasm

Right from the off, Wigan sludge pedallers Boss Keloid on Herb Your Enthusiasm make it clear that they aren't here to mess around. This full-length is a fantastic exercise in its sub-genre of metal, and comes highly recommended to any fan of sludge, doom or stoner metal.

EP REVIEW: John Coffey – A House For Thee

John Coffey have a rare gift shared only with a few deserving bands of their ilk: the ability to take a sturdy hardcore punk foundation, and build on it with slab upon slab of badass groove. While the Dutch quintet have been grafting away in their native Utrecht for nearly 15 years, it finally seems like their gargantuan structure is beginning to tower above a wider international audience; here's what we thought of their latest EP, 'A House For Thee'.
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LIVE REVIEW: Kerrang! Tour ft. Sum41, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, ROAM, Biters, Albert Hall, Manchester, 18/02/2016

If you aren't familiar with the annual hootenanny that is the famed Kerrang! Tour then where have you been? Living under a rock! Every year those dudes bring us the best of the best in our generations new blood bands with a mix of rock royalty, we checked out this year's festivities as the tour rolled into Manchester's prestigious Albert Hall.
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