Camden Rocks this year was brimming with up and coming bands, including punk rock five-piece Drones. After a recent shift in band members, we were keen to find out how things were going, so we caught up with drummer Mitchell Thomas and new members Lois McDougall and Tim Kramer to see what they had to say.

ALBUM REVIEW: Vinnie Caruana – Survivor’s Guilt

Vinnie Caruana approaches his first every solo full length with a mature head, which reflects in the song tempo and style, whilst still maintaining his macabre-esque quality in song names and content depicting everyday struggles. From happiness to woes, from love to death, Caruana is the perfect witness of life.

ALBUM REVIEW: Big Ups – Before A Million Universes

Right from the off, it's easy to identify New York noise rock outfit Big Ups' musical evolution on Before A Million Universes. A fine example of musical evolution it develops the band's sound without abandoning its core and is an excellent album in its own right.

EP REVIEW: BAILER – Shaped by the Landscape

What's most surprising Irish metallic hardcore sorts BAILER is that they've only been a band for the better part of the year. This is surprising because of how talented, polished and accomplished Shaped by the Landscape, the band's debut EP, sounds.

EP REVIEW: Falls – One Hundred Percent Strong

One Hundred Percent Strong starts off quite enjoyable - gutsy and noisy, similar to Pulled Apart by Horses, loud enough that it jars nicely against the saturation of jangly guitars and acoustics that are about nowadays. But does the rest of the EP follow suit?

EP REVIEW: Banshee – Say My Name

Back with a new name and a short but strong EP, it’s Banshee: a rebranded, female-fronted alternative band with a promising future on some heavier festival stages.

ALBUM REVIEW: Bad Ideas – Bad Ideas

Recently, Bad Ideas announced that they would be calling it a day on the music front. Amongst their goodbyes, they have left us with one last release to enjoy in the form of their third and final full-length self-titled album.
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