EP REVIEW: Create to Inspire – Home Is Where My Heart Dies

Home Is Where My Heart Dies is an impressive display of the modern day UK underground scene, drawing in influences from the past and from foreign shores, and from an array of genres. From History with its pop-rock-esque Lavondyss styling catchy chorus, sailing clean vocals that are precise and masculine, accompanied by Fuller’s domineering bass tone chugging throughout to Counting Days, which kicks in with rough hardcore tendencies, a head-banging notion of no nonsense balls out static music; the dark, thumping drums by Taylor and strong, screaming vocals (and little ‘shit’ snarl in the vein of Daryl Palumbo) causes havoc from start to finish.

The record hones in on aggressive, emotional, self-absorbed lyrics like “I’m sick of feeling sick, I never want to feel like his again”, “My life was meaningless to you”, “I’ve never felt so empty in all of my life” and “We are bored…”; frontman Midson states the band explore the avenues of real life issues and day-to-day struggles which can anchor down hope and motivation – as if the band’s name pays homage and plays monarch to their philosophy.

Don’t Let Go prevails with it’s Americana of letlive. influenced guitar rolls, stylised by McLeod and Morris, and down-tempo beat that breaks up the heavy monotony and fast pace of the record, before the emphatic calling card, crying out the records name in the final song, Home Is Where My Heart Dies.

It carries a lot of weight with the simple mixing that reminds you of yester year’s recordings, and whilst this makes the songs lack that ‘umph’, the band rely more heavily on their unique song structure, harrowing lyrics, piercing drums and distinct guitar work  to bring something different to the table.

Hard, heavy, short, punchy, to the point; call it what you will, Home Is Where My Heart Dies is an embodied set of four songs that have the capacity, depth and compassion to captivate a youthful generation seeking somber solace and assurance. And, if you pardon the lack of lexis, Create to Inspire have within them undeniable talent that will certainly inspire many from what they create.


Standout Track: Home Is Where My Heart Dies

For Fans Of: Fei Comodo, Lavondyss, Take it Back!, While She Sleeps

Written by: Gavin Sheldrake

Gavin Sheldrake
A little bit lost.