EP REVIEW: Chasing Cadence – Destroy Something Beautiful

Destroy Something Beautiful is latest EP from Hertfordshire quintet Chasing Cadence. Formed of five tracks it features some intriguing titles, lashes of energy and vibrant tones. In the hustling scene of alternative rock, it can be hard for bands to break through; but have Chasing Cadence got the spark needed to be one of the lucky few?

Now, forgive us for clearly having dirty minds but release opener It’s Not The Length That Counts, It’s What You Do With It makes us wonder just what we’re about to experience. An aggressive guitar line sets the release ablaze with Jack Harris’ sassy vocals soaring over the backline. Instead of a one tempo track, there’s a melodic twang thrown in for good measure, taking it down a pace to flaunt intricate drum lines hidden beneath grunge guitars.

Harbour follows in the same vein except with a sharper edge and heartfelt lyrics in the bucketload. This love song flaunts sincere verse vocals with a fiery punch drop chorus, which feels a little rough around the edges which luckily distracts from the mediocre lyrics. It might be an extremely catchy song but this just screams out generic, overdone alt-rock – we thought Chasing Cadence were better than that. Hoping to redeem the release is Watching The World, diving straight into a guitar line that could awake a moshpit in even the smallest of venues; it’s safe to say that we soon forget the lack lusting last track. Vocally is where the true power lies here, lyrics such as “I guess now would be a good time to stand up and be counted” make it appear that the quintet knows where their musical talent lies. Complimenting each other faultlessly the noticeable drum beat drives the track whilst the riffy guitar lines stay imprinted on your brain long after the track rings out. Chasing Cadence are on to a winner and the world will no doubt be watching them shine.

Penultimate track Everyone Relax provides the ballad that every release needs. Sombre, sincere vocals make you sit and reflect upon the lyrics being sung before a punch packed chorus is thrown into the mix. Boasting the best sing-along chorus of the release, “everyone relax, this is not a phase” will be a phrase you’re near enough chanting before the track is out. The composition of Everyone Relax proves that Chasing Cadence haven’t just thrown this EP together, it’s been thought out to allow each individual instrument gain recognition, with the melodic bass being a focal point of this track.

If you’re a wrestling fan you may have heard closer track Dear Life on TNA Xplosion, the track saw the band pair up with the show and even go out on the TNA Wrestling arena tour. Due to this we had high hope for this track, and met with a synth-vibed introduction and a blazing alt-rock anthem is delivered. With the wrestling connections, we hoped for something with fire, a sing-along vibe, and drops in the bucketload which is exactly what is delivered. With lines such as “you’ve got me holding on for dear life”, you can tell why this became a wrestling theme tune as you sit and chant back every word with power.

Every once in a while a gem of an EP passes our ears and this is one of those times. It might have been a wobbly journey at times but Chasing Cadence have shown their diversity and musical skill in this perfectly packaged five track EP. Instead of destroying something beautiful they’ve instead made something beautiful which will no doubt bring joy to their fans.


Standout Tracks: Watching The World, Dear Life

For Fans Of: You Me At Six, Don Broco, Young Guns

Written By: Nicola Craig

Nicola Craig
Head of Live with an unwavering love for the seaside, live music and writing about others instead of myself. Twitter: @nicolalalalar