MUSIC NEWS: New Heavy Sounds Release Black Heart Venue Fundraiser Compilation

London record label New Heavy Sounds have released a digital compilation album, with proceeds going towards the #savetheblackheart Crowdfunder in support of The Black Heart venue in Camden, London.

The label are hoping to help the venue, who have played an important part in their story and need to raise £100,000 by the end of March 2021 in order to support their reopening. The compilation featuring the likes of Black Moth, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Sky Valley Mistress, Grave Lines, Vodun and Mountain Caller

Paul from the label says: “We have launched many of our albums at The Black Heart including Black Moth, Limb and Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. Our latest signings, Mountain Caller have a date to play a socially distanced show at The Black Heart to launch their debut album. Our Japanese two-piece noise-makers Blacklab were set to play The Black Heart as part of 2020’s Desert Fest. Ged and I have drunk and hung out there and seen a ton of bands in recent years – we even spent a memorable New Year’s Eve when we invited Rob from Limb to judge an air-guitar contest in The Black Heart Bar. We love the bar, the venue, the staff, the vibe, the lot.
“The Black Heart is one of the crucial grass roots venues, if not the most important, for the heavy underground scene. Times are hard indeed and we cannot rely of any ‘hand-outs’ to keep our beloved scene alive and thriving, we have to do it ourselves. That is why New Heavy Sounds and our bands are giving our tracks to The Black Heart in this digital compilation in order to raise funds to keep the venue going beyond the Pandemic.
The album is available digitally HERE, with a suggested donation of £5. You can find out more about #Savetheblackheart and support the Crowdfunder HERE.
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