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LIVE REVIEW: Void Of Vision, Modern Error, Love Is Noise, The Black Heart, 08/02/2023

You would be mistaken if you thought Aussie nu-metal punkers Void Of Vision were from anywhere else if you were present in the sweaty, intimate confines of the room above Camden’s iconic Black Heart on the evening of Wednesday 8th February 2023. 10k miles away from home physically, but in spirit, tonight’s show was their temporary reminder that distance is just a number. 

Take a quick spin around the packed-out room and Alpha Wolf and Thornhill tees clothed the back of the crowd waiting for Void Of Vision’s arrival shortly after their co-headliners Modern Error and openers Love Is Noise warm-up an already sweltering upstairs, perhaps similar to the hot climates of Australia. 

Yet it’s the cold grey winters of the UK Void Of Vision have seen for the best part of a month, having just seen out their time touring with the post-hardcore favourites Holding Absence before putting on two headliners of their own, one at Birmingham’s The Flapper and London’s The Black Heart, bringing their pulsating garage electro-punk to some passionate London ravers tonight.

Love Is Noise, whilst their sonic intentions lie within dreamy 90’s shoegaze heard throughout their tracks such as Azure, Euphoria (where were you?) and Movement, the genre bending outfit aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. Demanding the crowd to “open up the pit”, soundtracked to their songs that one minute leave you in a whirlwind daze and the next catapult you into gritty guitars and harsh screams that bring you right back into the real world. They say time flies when you are having fun, and whilst that was the case for Love Is Noise’s set, their sonic distinction as a unit maybe doesn’t stand up as strong, bands like Loathe, Holding Absence and Sleep Token doing what Love Is Noise are trying to do now years after their frontrunners. 7.5/10

A band of brothers making creative visions come to fruition, Modern Error aka Kel and Zak Pinchin are a duo to be reckoned with. Combining brutally heavy synths with aggressively low tuned guitars and throwing in some metalcore enthused electronics along the way, Modern Error both sonically and visually are a band that make unapologetic statements. Adorned with a black glove and an all-blue get-up, Modern Error smash their way through songs Seperation Scars, Self Synthetic and fav favourite Blackout Poetry, leaving Void Of Vision with some serious boots to fill and the duty to pick up the ceiling that lays on the floor of The Black Heart, because this pair certainly pulled it down. 8.5/10

And then it was time for some heavy electronicore by way of Australia to be brought to The Black Heart, Void Of Vision bounding on stage to opener OHNE SICHT, one of the many tracks to be taken from the bands two consecutively themes CHRONICLES EP’s all released within a year of one another, the Black Heart bouncing and grooving just like visionary Jack Bergin told them to moments earlier. 

“We are Void Of Vision from Australia, thanks for coming out on a Wednesday night” says Bergin before the rave continues into songs such as their hottest new offering HELL HELL HELL, a track that got the crowd acting on their worst behaviour to the sexy and seductive electronicore that pulsates through DOMINATRIX before closing out their set in dj-singalong style with INTO THE DARK. 

We’ve been Void Of Vision, remember that name” no one is bound to forget it after the band’s unforgettable co-headliner at London’s The Black Heart that’s for sure. 9/10 

Written By: Katie Conway-Flood

Katie Conway-Flood
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