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Katie Conway-Flood is a music journalist, music publicist and general band enthusiast. For several years, since graduating university with a first class degree in music business, Katie has written single, album and live reviews, and regularly contributed to news stories and feature pieces for a plethora of online music publications. Katie is otherwise a pop-punk, pop-rock listener and ethical vegan.
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Since the beginning, Sheffield metalcore outfit While She Sleeps have been driven by their DIY mentality. Their colossal fourteen-year career has been crafted out of a brutal blend of crushing hardcore and killer metal anthems, that have been written, recorded and released on their own terms and innovation. Hellbent on not following the music industry formula, While She Sleeps’ fifth full-length 'SLEEPS SOCIETY' aims to change the way the music business works once more, whilst delivering an experimental banger of a record.
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ALBUM REVIEW: The Snuts – W.L.

Despite all the artistic influences that naturally find their way into this album, The Snuts remain their biggest source of inspiration on 'W.L.'. A debut album of pure lyrical emotion and musical experimentation, W.L. encapsulates the band’s journey from four working class kids growing up with a dream in Whitburn, to becoming one of the UK’s most exciting and vital bands of the new decade.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Black Honey – Written & Directed

Brighton-based Black Honey have always been a band centred around dramatics and theatrics throughout their story telling music. Starting out in the scene back in 2014 as an excitingly eccentric four-piece, Black Honey burst into alternative music with their own brand of signature guitar sounds and wild western aesthetics, showcased on their dazzling self-titled debut album, released in 2018. Since then, this bad-ass band has gone onto becoming a big, bold and brave outfit in UK indie music, having earned a Top 40 album, toured the world with the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, and featured across prestigious festival line-ups. With their fiery sophomore album 'Written & Directed', Black Honey show no signs of slowing down their ascent to convey their cinematic vision.
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NEW NOISE: To Kill Achilles

Scottish alt-rockers To Kill Achilles are a five-piece band, who are fearless when it comes to tackling tough lyrical topics. Taking inspiration from deeply personal life experiences, the post-hardcore-meets-alternative-rock-meets-alternative-metalcore band proudly wear their hearts on their sleeves, heavily displayed in their heart wrenching second studio album, 'Something To Remember Me By'. Here's why you should check them out!
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ALBUM REVIEW: Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist

With album number nine, 'For Those That Wish To Exist', Architects are switching up the status quo in more ways than one. The fifteen-track full-length defies the short, sharp releases of singles and EP’s in a fast paced music industry, in favour of a lengthy LP that serves up a heavy dose of lyrical reality, analysing our collective actions that are directly affecting planet earth's destruction and, moreover, our ability to rally round as a society to strive for a better, brighter future.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Foo Fighters – Medicine At Midnight

When a band has a longstanding musical heritage and highly regarded legendary status, it can become easy to rely upon their instantly recognisable and iconic sound. Rock icons Foo Fighters have formulated their sound over their illustrious 25 year career; however on their tenth studio album 'Medicine At Midnight', the six-piece are pushing their sonic boundaries further than ever before and deliver their most experimental effort to date.
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With a discography of chart topping studio albums, from debut full-length 'Take Off Your Colours' to sixth record 'VI', it seems on their seventh effort You Me At Six are setting out down their own path. The explosive 'SUCKAPUNCH' sees them deliver a renewed sound, travelling far and wide into uncharted dance, hip-hop and R&B territory, all whilst retaining their synonymous melodic pop, indie and rock identity.
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Yorkshire born and bred singer YUNGBLUD is no stranger to speaking out for the masses, using his highly influential platform, position and power as one of the biggest solo singers in the alternative music sphere. Since bursting onto the scene in 2016, he's shouted loud and proud about social injustices felt hardest by the youth of today. Once again, this 23-year old voice of a generation is transmitting this very pepped-up rage and justified rebellious attitude towards the major issues of the world, not to mention his own deeply personal struggles, on his lyrically empowering and musically eclectic second studio album, 'weird!'.
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Bring Me The Horizon are a forward-thinking band, driven by sonic development and innovation. Within their first few bodies of work, from debut album 'Count Your Blessings' to fourth full-length 'Sempiternal', the quintet largely adhered to their bread and butter sound of full throttle screams and heavy guitars, deeply rooted within the metal and rock scene. However, the LP’s and EP’s that were to follow found Bring Me bring musically defying elements into their soundscape, applying an array of styles such as dance, electronica, hip-hop and pop into their fresh contemporary catalogue and more modern, melodic method of making music. Now a short ten months since the Sheffield band's last EP, 'Music to Listen to', their colossal nine-track collaborative project 'POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR' is set to shake up the unpredictable direction Bring Me The Horizon take once more. 
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A forgotten music-based entity, who initially faded away into obscurity back in the era of early 80’s pop culture, are back having hit the big time. Alternative duo I Don’t Know How But They Found Me have made it in the 21st century modern music world, by dropping their dazzling debut album 'Razzmatazz'. Legend has it this illusive two piece were first founded over forty years ago, embedded deep within unclear imagery of several retro VHS tapes. Recently recovered to show the duo's musical talents on works such as 'Modern Day Cain' and 'Choke', iDKHOW are following up the garage, glam and new wave of their '1981 Extended Play' with a full-length that goes by the wildly glamorous name of 'Razzmatazz', and it is nothing short of exactly that. 
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