MUSIC NEWS: Fangs Out Announce New EP Details & Release ‘Sabbath Town’ Video

Fangs Out have announced their new EP The Humour In Hell is set for release on 6th October 2023.

“I’ve always been the type of person to use humour and jokes to deal with difficult situations, or as a defence mechanism, instead of dealing with things head on. In my approach to lyrics I’m no different,” explains vocalist Mikey White. “Most of the songs on the EP deal with some personal – and at times pretty heavy – subject matter (except Sabbath Town – that’s just about the band raging in Birmingham) but portrayed in a very tongue-in-cheek way. It might not be healthiest way to deal with things, but it’s my way of trying to find the light in the darkness or The Humour in Hell.”

Alongside the EP announcement, the band have shared the video for Sabbath Town.

White adds, Sabbath town is our love letter to Birmingham and an obvious nod to the kings of metal Black Sabbath.  Brum is a city where we’ve all grown up and spent our lives going to – and playing – shows. There is an awesome and thriving alternative scene in Birmingham with many amazing venues and talented bands. Our dream is to play a small part in getting back on the musical and cultural map where it belongs, so that people give it the attention it deserves as the city where it all began.”

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