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This week sees the release of THE HARA‘s new EP We Are The Movement, and if latest single Tokyo Hit is anything to go by you can expect plenty of thumping, singalong choruses, high-energy riffs and punchy percussion. The alt-rock/pop trio’s upcoming tour has been postponed until later this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but to keep spirits high we sat down with the band to hear some of their best stories from the road.

Favourite thing about touring:

The adrenaline rush of being out onstage performing songs and hearing the crowd sing the lyrics back to us. Even more so the moment we finish a show and come off stage and know that we absolutely smashed it!

Least favourite thing about touring:

The other 23 hours of the day are intense when on tour. Exhaustion is a killer. Coupled with a bad diet it can really affect you. But it’s all worth it when we step out on that stage.

Five essentials for the road:

– Travel pillow
– Hand Sanitiser
– Headphones
– Guinness
– Snacks

Your favourite way to pass the time: 

We watch a lot of films and YouTube videos when on the road. We also prank each other a lot. Our tour banter is pretty ridiculous and most of the time we’ll be screaming explicits at each other for the crack.

The “Most”

Memorable moment:

We played a sold out show in Guildford as part of our Tramp Brain tour and everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. We had important industry people there as well, so tensions were high enough. The music and mics cut off during the first song, PA broke, guitar stings snapped, etc. We even had to go off stage for twenty minutes. But even after all the chaos…once we came back out the energy in the audience was unbelievable and everybody was ready to go crazy. We brought it back and played one of the maddest shows we’ve ever played. Josh even crowd surfed!

Hilarious moment:

We were on tour and travelling in separate vehicles. Our tour manager left the clothes he was wearing all week in the back of the car, and the only way we could survive the journey was to throw his smelly clothes out the window down the motorway. It was like something had died. If we weren’t laughing so much at the time, I think we would have been crying.

Embarrassing moment:

Josh slipped and fell off stage during our song called When It All Goes Wrong – it fit the moment very well.

Outrageous moment: 

We played a festival once and went HARD, and because of our performance and antics we got complaints off parents and organisers accusing us of being “off our heads” and on drugs when, in reality, all we had was a can of Monster before the show and unbelievable hype tings.

Drunken moment:

When Josh downed a bottle of wine in the car after a show in London and spewed out the window. Was beautiful.

Rewarding moment:

We hit the #1 spot in the Rock Charts with our recent EP We Are The Movement. It feels amazing to have such a connection with our fans and seeing hard work paying off!

THE HARA‘s new EP We Are The Movement is out 25th March via Sign Of The Times Limited. The band’s current UK headline tour has been postponed until later in the year, keep your eyes peeled for more details.

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