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MUSIC FEATURE: Five Minutes With…New Pagans

With the release of their debut EP Glacial Erratic and their recent UK headline tour, Ireland’s New Pagans are fast becoming ones to watch. Coming from very different musical backgrounds, the five-piece formed to create a sound that blends post-punk, indie and alt-pop, which has gained them recognition across national radio and beyond, including the Northern Island Music Prize in 2019 where they were shortlisted for Best Single and Best Live Act. We caught up with the band to find out more, including their influences, what they aim to achieve and their plans for the year ahead.

Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself and your band.

Five people from very different musical backgrounds coming together to write our own brand of punk rock, telling stories of forgotten female voices, art, anger, parenthood, nature, love, all filtered through an Irish consciousness.

How did the band form and how long have you been together?

We’ve been playing for three years. Cahir and Lyndsey had talked about starting to write music together for a while but I don’t think they necessarily had a band in mind. Conor was a good friend of theirs and is an unbelievable drummer, so that was a no brainer. As for me I was messing about on a bass set up in their kitchen one night, recorded a rough sketch and thought nothing of it again until it was sent back to me a while later fully fleshed out by Cahir and with Lyndsey’s vocals and it blew my mind. So that was me in! Allan was the last part of the jigsaw. He came in on guitar when we started to have bigger ambitions for the songs and he rounds the sound off perfectly.

Who and what are the band’s main influences?

There’s a few crossover bands for us even though our musical backgrounds are pretty eclectic. Sonic Youth is a big one. The sheer prolific scope of their work is staggering. The inventiveness and ingenuity in their music. They are also just cool as fuck and an absolutely iconic band.

What do you aim to achieve as a band?

Creating is addictive. Whether it’s music, the artwork, the music videos, everything that comes with the band, we like to keep it all self-made. We want longevity as we have a lot of ideas and New Pagans is more than just a band for us, it’s a collective of artists constantly creating.

For those who are yet to see you live, what can they expect from a New Pagans show?

Our shows are intense. It’s such a massive release of energy on stage. Hopefully the audience come away curious to investigate the subjects of our songs further.

What’s next for New Pagans?

Our Glacial Erratic EP is out now! We have just completed a UK tour and then we hit our rehearsal room to write new material. Writing and recording our debut album and playing more shows. We are off to Porto in September to play Post Punk Strikes Again festival.

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