ALBUM REVIEW: Bellevue Days – It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever

It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever the very first LP release from Croydon rockers Bellevue Days, who have been hard at work playing shows and releasing singles and EPs for the last few years. Despite their fun-filled approach, this album actually has some pretty dark themes. The two opposing emotions are brought together in this (realistically) grim yet optimistic look at the world – it’s all falling apart but at least we’re together.

Shotgun is the first properly anthemic moment of the album, which allows the band to show off what they are best at – big, ballsy rock. Beginning with a chugging guitar chord and building into the shout-along chorus via some distorted guitars and killer drum grooves proves that these guys are more than your average alt-rock boyband.

S.A.D. and Jouska speak about coping with sadness. Lyrics like “I’ll trade my happiness for songs because they sound better when I’m sad” are sung by Alan Smith over their simple yet effective instrumentation. It’s a jury’s-out issue as to whether this works or comes across as a little self-indulgent. From the looks of some of the other tracks on this album, it’s possible to be honest about being sadness but still translate it into a fun rock song. These two tracks may not be it, though.

Sleep Repeat Again is a real album standout due to the intense chord progression and interesting riff ideas. We have more time for this song than the previous two – it’s a similar theme of sadness and monotony pulled off with more energy and an upbeat tune, which really sets this song apart. Lead single, Freakin’ Out, is another standout track with some real emotion behind it. Unclean vocals are sparingly used throughout the album but to real effect here. There are plenty of shout-along moments which are, once again, where this band are at their absolute best.

Here is an album which can’t seem to decide whether it sees itself as optimistic or pessimistic. It often points out the problems with the world, but rarely in a way which does much else other than complain, and then rock hard. But perhaps that’s entirely the point. After all, the world is going to sh*t, so we might as well mosh.


Standout Tracks: Sleep Repeat Again, Freakin’ Out

For Fans Of: Black Foxxes, Boston Manor

Written by: Rosie Esther Solomon

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Rosie Solomon
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