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Rosie is a music PR/journalist by day, queer pole-dancing feminist vigilante by night. In her spare time you can find her reading, writing, dancing, and arguing with misogynists on the internet (@thebechdelbitch on twitter, @thebechdelbitch or @dlgrl2021 on insta)

Black Lives Matter: Current Black Artists Who Should Be On Your Radar

In the wake of the protests in the US and political unrest the world over, we at Bring the Noise UK wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the best Black musicians in music. We have been doing this in a series of articles, the first of which highlighted legends throughout history. This second part of the series features some of the greatest Black musicians in the alternative music scene today.
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ALBUM REVIEW: HAIM – Women in Music Part III

Wind your clocks back to 2013. HAIM had just exploded onto the indie-pop scene with the phenomenal debut, 'Days are Gone' - an album which paved the way for an onslaught of incredible female talent which came in their wake. The album held up throughout the years, making it onto many best-of lists at the end of the decade. 2017’s follow-up, the breakup album 'Something to Tell You', missed a little of the confidence and knowing spark which their debut had, perhaps in favour of some more emotion and sprawling energy. Now back with their hotly-anticipated (and COVID-delayed) third full-length release, how will 'Women in Music Part III' hold up?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Maud The Moth – Orphne

Classically-trained esoteric vocalist and pianist Maud the Moth is back with 'Orphne', her follow-up to 2015’s 'The Inner Wastelands'. At once exquisite, terrifying, introspective, haunting - this album deserves your time and attention. Listen to by candlelight, on the next full moon.

Black Lives Matter: Legendary Black Musicians Who Helped Shape Rock ‘n’ Roll History

In the wake of the protests in the US and political unrest the world over, we at Bring the Noise UK wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the best Black musicians in music. We are going to do this in a series of articles, this first one being about legends throughout history. This article goes through music history, starting in the 1930s, and names some of the most influential and important Black artists to whom we owe so much. Watch out for part two, coming soon!
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ALBUM REVIEW: Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher

Sitting down with the newest Phoebe Bridgers album was always going to be an intimidating task. One of the most exciting new names on the folk/indie rock scene, Bridgers received a lot of attention for her debut, 'Stranger in the Alps', not least earning her a guest spot on the new Hayley Williams album. But can she keep the momentum going with follow-up, 'Punisher'?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Lamb of God – Lamb of God

In one of the most significant moves of their career, Lamb of God have returned with their eighth studio album after a gap of five years. It’s self-titled, it’s the first one with new drummer Art Cruz, and it’s released during a time of immense global upheaval. So, how does it hold up?
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PATRÓN, the new project of Lo, previously of Loading Data, is a curious melting pot of influences, from fifties rock ‘n’ roll to ‘80s synth pop. Carried by the instantaneously recogniseable vocals of Lo (aka PATRÓN himself), this band have their sound absolutely nailed, but are frequently let down by repetitive, and at times, uncomfortable lyrics.
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An immediate, energetic onslaught of hardcore noise is what the new CAPRA release brings to the table. Fronted by the formidable Crow Lotus, this band are taking no prisoners on their self-titled EP.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Caligula’s Horse – Rise Radiant

In the decade since their debut album, Caligula’s Horse have proved themselves time and again to be a force to be reckoned with on the Australian prog-metal scene, and indeed, the world. This latest offering, 'Rise Radiant', sees them master their sound, step back, and reap the rewards of their labour.
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