Head to toe in country get up and monster moustaches that rival anyone’s we were mesmerised by Whiskey Myers, whose dress sense is a good as their music and carries the same country twang and originality. We caught up with the boys bringing country roots back to the rock scene, to see how they found Download.

So legend Shooter Jennings produced your last album, Early Morning Shakes, which is awesome! For those that haven’t dived into the world of southern, country rock how would you describe your sound in 3 words?

Country boys playing rock ‘n’ roll.

To the point we like that! So you’ve just played Download Festival, how do you feel your set went?

It went good man, better than expected.

What was your favourite song to play live?

I like Early Morning Shakes, ’cause I just like that song.

We like that song too! Good choice. So Download is down, what’s next for you guys?

We’re off to Atlanta and then we’re back here playing Ramblin’ Man Fair.

So before you go, we have brought our fun box, filled with random questions, so are you boys ready to dive in?

[Both laugh] Sure!

If you could have a super power for one day, what would it be?

Ah that’s a hard one! To be able to fly probably. Can we do both?

As we like you so much, sure! If you could invent a law what would it be?

I know! I’d make it against the law to make anymore laws.

Well now you’ve set that we better throw that question away, as no more laws can be made!

Whaaaaaaat!!! [All laugh]

Amazing to meet you, we wish you luck there and with the new album!


Written by: Charly Phillips