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ALBUM REVIEW: The White Buffalo – On the Widow’s Walk

The fact that producer Shooter Jennings – son of country music legend Waylon Jennings – gets as much, if not more, attention than Jake Smith for his involvement in The White Buffalo’s sixth full length album, On the Widow’s Walk, is a real shame. The album, while not perfect, is an enjoyable slice of Americana that deserves repeated listens and features a couple of tracks that will become live staples.

On the Widow’s Walk is a collection of loosely linked tracks that make reference to mankind’s relationship with nature, technology and each other; the album explores themes that link us to our base instincts and place in the world. If that sounds ambitious it’s because it is. Exploring those themes within what is essentially a country album does not necessarily work all the time, but when it hits – in tracks such as No History, Faster than Fire and lead single The Rapture – it really does hit. The album also features some nice, softer moments with Sycamore and Widow’s Walk being the highlights.

Like with any album trying to explore big, intangible themes there can be tracks that are a bit more challenging to get into, or tracks that are more forgettable. On the Widow’s Walk has its fair share of those, and that makes this album merely a pretty good album rather than a great one.


Standout Tracks: No History, The Rapture, Widow’s Walk

For Fans Of: Colter Wall, The Forest Rangers, Joshua James

Written by: Henry McCaughtrie