BTNUK PREMIERE: Fallen To Flux Reveal Lyric Video For New Single ‘Drifting’

Alt-rock four-piece Fallen To Flux are set to release their debut album Transitions on the 5th August, but before they do that they’re giving us a glimpse of the record with their lyric video for Drifting.

“Drifting was one of the last songs to be written for the album and it immediately became one of the favourites within the band,” explains vocalist/guitarist Oli Clipsham of the single.

“It shows an interesting turn of pace from the first two singles and perfectly captures our philosophy of combining intensity and melody,” he continues. “The lyrics deal with the turmoil we can put ourselves through by gripping on to what-if situations. We’re trying to encourage people to make the decision to free themselves of the turmoil by letting the situation go or doing everything in their power to regain the situation that they decided to leave behind originally.”

Check out Drifting below, exclusively via Bring The Noise!

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