BTNUK EXCLUSIVE: Fraktions Premiere New Single ‘Panic’ Featuring No Consequence’s Kaan Tasan

Meet young tech/prog metallers Fraktions, a band who take influence from classical, jazz and the giants of the tech/prog scene. Set to release their new EP Anguish on the 12th August they experiment with off-kilter riffing and pianistic dissonance to create a haunting, yet wholesome sound.

“The concept begind Fraktions new EP Anguish is about the final chapter of a schizophrenic woman’s life,” the band explain of their forthcoming EP. “Our protagonist, Sarah, suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, meaning she experiences aural hallucinations for most hours of the day if she does not take her prescribed medication.”

Today Fraktions premiere their new single Panic, which features No Consequence vocalist Kaan Tasan. 

“In Panic, Sarah explores the woods in darkness,” they continue. “She is in a terrified and confused state of mind as she struggles to process what has just happened (during the previous track, the voices in her head encouarged her to drive into a child that was crossing the road ahead of her).

She feels as if she is being watched by the creatures that inhabit the forest. She sees a figure beckon her from the distance. She follows the figure which instructs her to bury her son. Uncertain as to whether she has a child she frantically begins digging a grave with her bare hands. She realises that giving into the voices in her head cost a child their life and lies in despair comtemplating suicide.”

Check out Panic – exclusively via Bring The Noise – below:

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