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LIVE REVIEW: dirt, Pavilions, Breathe In The Silence, Adelphia, Metric Bar, London, 21/03/2015

You want to invite us to a ‘Hometown Brodown’ tour you say? Well, okay – we don’t mind if we do! With some of the UK’s best up and coming talent on offer in Adelphia, Breathe In The Silence, Pavilions and of course, the almighty dirt, it would be hard not to. Each of the four shows have been catering to each bands’ town of origin, and tonight it’s the turn of London, where (at least a few of) the lads in dirt hail from.

We’re absolutely gutted that we can’t make it in time to catch openers Adelphia. The alt-rockers from Nottingham have been making a name for themselves in the past 12 months, especially since they made the final of the Red Bull Studios Live At Download Competition in 2014. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the band’s touring schedule and won’t be missing them next time around.

As Breathe In The Silence take to the stage, it’s somewhat awkward that the room isn’t quite as busy as it should be. However, what this bustling bunch of boys slightly lack in a crowd, they make up for in enthusiasm. With a captivating set which even includes a guest appearance from Ryan Cooper of Pavilions, this lot may well be ones to watch. Sure, a slightly smaller audience may well be disheartening, but these (very, very Welsh) guys never once let it show, with an emotional display of ‘Valleycore’ which highlights both their heavier and more vulnerable strengths.

Pavilions are a band who’ve been around a little while, but their talent never grows tired. That same combination of melodic hardcore-ness which has been present from the start hasn’t disappeared, and it’s still reminiscent of all their influences from Emarosa right through to Sleeping With Sirens (but heavier). Vocalist Tezz Roberts range is still every bit as impressive and enviable as ever before, and there’s a true tightness in place with the remaining members of the band. The guys seem somewhat disheartened yet again with the atmosphere, but they’ve the support of a pocket of fans who’ve travelled from all over just to see them – so I doubt they really care.

So. Onto the main act. We’ve raved rather a lot recently about dirt, but in fairness, it’s only praise that comes highly deserved. By the time these guys have their chance in the limelight, everyone’s well and truly ready to rock. Launching into one of their by now familiarly electric sets, the five piece make the room come alive with their shredding and raging aplenty. Favourites like Bonds and Fade go down a treat with the admittedly rather middle class moshpits, but it’s newbie Chemicals which truly captivates this evening – so much so that they even play it twice, as their encore. With a case of literal hero worship as they exit the stage – guitarist Nikhil Aggarwal is even put in a fireman’s chariot – it’s fair to say that the future’s bright for these guys, and it’s only right to admit that they well and truly stole the show. They just keep getting better and better!


Written by: Claire Louise Sheridan

Photos by: Alex-Jay Moore