In a world where words like “genuine” and “refreshing” are thrown around the music scene left, right and centre, you learn to ration them. Clichés are a marvellous (if not lazy) thing, therefore there really are times where you simply cannot avoid them. So yes, Hot Milk are both refreshing and genuine…but hear us out. When speaking of clichés, Hot Milk are literally anything but, and it’s an absolute delight to see them both on stage and at interview. Here’s what Hannah and Jim from the band had to say recently at Download Festival. And trust us, you’re going to want to read it all.


What are you listening to at the moment? The chances are, probably at least a few bands that hail from the land Down Under. Many of the young, dynamic artists making waves on the scene are from Australia right now as the country’s music scene is enjoying something of a revival on a global scale. One such band that’s had us really sitting up to take note are Sydney’s Yours Truly, and we were lucky enough to catch up with vocalist Mikaila and guitarist Lachlan at this year’s Download Festival.


We recently caught up with rising stars RedHook at Download Festival, as part of their first EVER international tour. The Sydney-siders have catapulted onto our radar of late and we don’t see them disappearing anytime soon. We spoke to the incredible Emmy Mack, lead singer and co-founder of the band, to find out exactly what’s been running through their heads.


This year’s Download Festival may seem like quite some time ago now, but with the festival season far from over, we’re reliving some gems when it comes to conversations we had at this year’s event. Blessthefall were such a pleasure to chat to - from crazy video ideas to signing to Rise Records there was plenty to talk about after their set.


The Faim are one of those bands that have absolutely exploded onto the scene in a short space of time, but it’s not too late to say that you were there from the beginning. After their incredible performance at this year’s Download Festival, we were lucky enough to catch up with Mike and Stevie from the band. You’re going to want to sit up and take note – these guys are going to be huge.


Nothing More have really caught our eye over the last few years, so seeing their set at this year’s Download was a real delight. Chatting with the guys afterwards was equally as exciting – we just love that they’re a band who speak with so much thought and insight no matter what they have to say.
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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Download Festival 2018

When it comes to all things alternative in the UK, there’s really nothing bigger or better than Download Festival. It’s got it all – the Gods of Rock, up-and-coming bands, and everything from the WWE NXT to sideshows in between. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a heavy music fan, this is the pilgrimage that you absolutely have to make at some point in your lifetime. We were at this year’s event and it did not disappoint.

LIFESTYLE FEATURE: “Alternative” Isn’t Just The Music We Like – It’s A Way Of Living

The rise of an alternative lifestyle paved the way for all kinds of people to find their place in the world, at times where the “mainstream” had not been so kind. Whether you like fashion or modelling or not, there’s no denying that small-time clothing lines and models helped shape our consumption of modern alternative music. “Alternative” became not just a genre to listen to, but also synonymous with an entire subculture.
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LIVE REVIEW: dirt, Pavilions, Breathe In The Silence, Adelphia, Metric Bar, London, 21/03/2015

You want to invite us to a ‘Hometown Brodown’ tour you say? Well, okay - we don’t mind if we do! With some of the UK’s best up and coming talent on offer in Adelphia, Breathe In The Silence, Pavilions and of course, the almighty dirt, it would be hard not to. Each of the four shows have been catering to each bands’ town of origin, and tonight it’s the turn of London, where (at least a few of) the lads in dirt hail from.
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LIVE REVIEW: As Lions, Camden Barfly, London, 11/02/2015

A crowded room with a sticky floor, other people’s bodily fluids, and an almost inevitable hangover looming the next day might not be everyone’s idea of a good Wednesday night, but if we’re perfectly honest, there’s not many other places we’d rather be. Tonight, As Lions are out in force to dominate Camden Barfly, and they achieve their aims entirely.
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