Breathe In The Silence


EP REVIEW: Breathe In The Silence – ‘Hold My Heart’

Somewhat of an ode to other British bands of the same genre, Breathe In The Silence’s Hold My Heart navigates its way through the stylings of your favourite pop rock names with undeniable ease. There’s nothing wrong with the second EP from the group but each song’s uncanny similarity to well-known names that have come beforehand is in itself a flaw. There’s nothing unique to be heard, but does it really matter? That’s up to you, and there's some cracking post-hardcore elements to be found here too.
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LIVE REVIEW: Normandie, Breathe In The Silence, Retro Bar, Manchester, 20/07/2016

Upon the release of their debut album INGUZ, it seemed that things started to click for Swedish band Normandie. Not only did the band hit the Billboard Charts with force, they were also announced as UK tour support for pop-punk veterans Yellowcard on their farewell tour. Ahead of their huge support slot, the band set out to the UK on their first headliner in July. We went to the Manchester date to check them out!
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LIVE REVIEW: dirt, Pavilions, Breathe In The Silence, Adelphia, Metric Bar, London, 21/03/2015

You want to invite us to a ‘Hometown Brodown’ tour you say? Well, okay - we don’t mind if we do! With some of the UK’s best up and coming talent on offer in Adelphia, Breathe In The Silence, Pavilions and of course, the almighty dirt, it would be hard not to. Each of the four shows have been catering to each bands’ town of origin, and tonight it’s the turn of London, where (at least a few of) the lads in dirt hail from.