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NEW NOISE: The Nightmare Police

Who: The Nightmare Police

Where: Long Island, New York (USA)

What: An acoustic duo with a raw honesty as refreshing as it is unrefined.

About: Having formed towards the tail end of 2013, the two-piece that is The Nightmare Police have wasted absolutely no time in establishing a firm fan base in their native Long Island, New York. A tough crowd, as you can imagine – after all, the area boasts Taking Back Sunday, Glassjaw, Bayside and even Brand New as its alumni – yet whilst TNP are understandably not quite up there with the gods of the genre just yet, it’s evident that they’re starting to take a leaf out of their book.

But what genre is that, exactly? Neither Ian Washington on vocals nor Justin Botta on guitar can be said to have shared close to the same musical backgrounds (although they did discover they attended the same Elementary School… fate?), but the fact they were moving in similar circles allowed them to merge and form the start of something special, each bringing their own rich influences and experiences to the table. With deep lyrics, somehow meaningful melodies and a name which stemmed from the very heart of melancholy, they may not take on the guise of a full band, but they certainly take on full force (to be reckoned with).

Verdict: If you’re looking for overly-studio-produced radio rock, shut it off now. The Nightmare Police is a clash of genres and eclecticism at its finest. That said, their lack of a polished edge should by no means detract from their blatant talent – they’ve got it in abundance.

If the music doesn’t speak for itself, the buzz and hype surrounding them back home certainly should, and it won’t be surprising if before long, they’re out to the tri-state area, the East Coast and then perhaps our very own shores. With great lengths being taken to prove their dedication, plenty of tours planned and even hopes for some local Warped Tour shows, it seems they’re well placed to make these dreams a reality.

It’s early days yet, but with an upcoming EP Launch following on from a very well received first preview, these two are ones to keep your eyes on.

For Fans Of: Brand New, Saves The Day, Dashboard Confessional, H2O

Top Tracks: Medicine Cabinet

Find Them: Facebook, Youtube, Website and Bandcamp

Written by: Claire Louise Sheridan