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NEW NOISE: Pavilions

Who: Pavilions

Where: Wirral/Liverpool, UK

What: Post-Hardcore

About: Whatever you’re expecting from this quintet, you’ll need to push your preconceptions aside. With a unique sound not often found this side of the Atlantic, Pavilions (that’s one ‘l’!) are storming their hometown scene and are here to well and truly blow your socks off. With progressive riffs and intense crescendos, it is the juxtaposition of the melodic intricacy and the sheer talent in the vocals of frontman Terence Roberts which makes this band a lethal combination to their competitors.

It’s hard to believe that the five-piece recently lost a bassist. Yet with a replacement found in the blink of an eye, this wasn’t even a setback in the recording of the as-yet unreleased debut album for the group – an achievement in itself that they’re understandably proud of. This is a band who has already managed great things in spite of a relatively small (albeit awesome) backcatalogue, including some incredible live shows to date. With promises of more of the same, an impressive desire to conquer, and some guest vocals thrown in for good measure, there needn’t be any reason for anyone to worry about this first full-length studio offering for the group.

When bands say they don’t intend to sound like anyone else, it can often send alarm bells ringing. But their eclectic-yet-trademark sound is only a testimony to their diversity, and yet it somehow manages this with an openness which should be accessible to all.

Verdict: Finding pure, unadulterated talent like this is rare, particularly in considering the strengths of their lead singer. With a distinctive, unfaltering range, these soaring and beautiful vocals are enough to draw more than just an initial attraction to Pavilions. However, it would be unfair to disregard the other obvious merits. When combined with clever lyrics and intensity unusual for a group lacking in pretention; it’s easy to see how these guys could easily make it – and by that we mean, make it big.

For Fans Of: Emarosa, Sleeping With Sirens

Top Tracks: Science & Gods, Hey Baby Let’s Dance

Find Them: Facebook and Twitter

Written by: Claire Louise Sheridan