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It's hard to pin PENGSHUi down. There's hints of Shikari, The Prodigy, a bit of Hacktivist, but at the same time, it feels completely new. By mixing punk and grime, they've created limitless possibilities, and it's exciting just to see where, and how far, they can take this.
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EP REVIEW: Strange Bones – Blitz Part 2

Lockdown latest: day ??? Heads are struggling to be kept above water, lethargy has set in and we stare at the clock, only to watch the minutes move backwards. Someone needs to come along and give us a shot in the arm. Step forward, Strange Bones. Foreseeing the collective lethargy, they've written a followup to 2019's EP, 'Blitz Part 1', and given us 'Blitz Part 2'. Nominative determinism is in full force on this EP, as 'Blitz Part 2's sonic blueprint can only be described as "the blitz".
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ALBUM REVIEW: Orchards – Lovecore

When done absolutely perfectly, a good pop bop can melt anyone's heart, and get them moving to the beat, from the most grizzled of metalheads to the stuffiest of connoisseurs. Getting that formula right is an art in itself, but with their debut album 'Lovecore', Brighton alt-pop band Orchards make it look almost easy.


It'd be churlish to already earmark an album of the year candidate already, but with a rich blend of punk, grime, distorted synth and outright aggression, PENGSHUi's self titled debut full-length attacks from start to finish, with quality oozing from every pore.

ALBUM REVIEW: The Deadnotes – Courage

Back with the follow-up to 2016's 'I'll Kiss The Fear Out Of Your Face', German indie punks The Deadnotes bring you another serving of their sound with 'Courage'.

ALBUM REVIEW: Vukovi – Fall Better

Back for another bite of the cherry, Glaswegian riff enthusiasts Vukovi consistently wrong-foot you with a mix of dark riffs and pop hooks, spinning you silly and keeping you gripped on latest album 'Fall Better'.
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