EP REVIEW: cheerbleederz – lobotany

It’s freezing out. Like, super cold. Summer is approximately thirty years away, and even then there’s not promise that it’ll be just as warm as the last two. So it’d be great if you could just shut your eyes, and imagine cold cans on a hot day, with the sun seemingly refuse to go on.

Fortunately, London’s own cheerbleederz have answered our prayers, with their new EP, lobotany. Without trying to undersell it, it’s nice and easy. There’s an incredibly summery sound to this EP. The kind of sound that, though you’ve never listened to this band before, they instantly remind you of summers of yore. This is the kind of EP that you can play on a lazy Saturday whilst doing some cleaning. You’ll stick it onto the Spotify queue and a wave of approvingly pursed lips with a cursory nod will go around the room.

Produced with Rich Mandell, who plays guitar and sings alongside drummer Phoebe Cross in Happy Accidents, this is the band’s first material since their 2018 EP faceplant. With that, further details are set to be released as the year goes by. Is that a new album? Are they going to be pivoting from gentle indie rock to leading a grindcore revival? Time will tell, but you, the reader, should keep a close eye on this band.

Being an EP, lobotany is over before it started, and the good thing is it leaves you in want. This EP won’t blow your mind and cause you to wipe your playlists and dramatically shove your record collection out the window, but it’s a damn good ride. It’s really well produced too, with a lovely, tight sound.

Picking our highlights, you can’t go far wrong with say 2 u and disco. With the latter, it does what it says on the tin, and you’ll find yourself having a little boogie to it. The writing of the EP focused on “beginning new friendships – both platonic and romantic – as well as reflections on self esteem, vulnerability and sticking up for yourself,” giving the lyrical theme an honest and relatable tone, especially with the title sometimes i cry at work, because honestly, same.

Overall it’s a solid return from cheerbleederz, and if they remain at this consistent level, these “further details” may end up turning into an incredibly enjoyable album, allowing you to carry a tune of summer around with you, all year round.


Standout Tracks: say 2 u, disco

For Fans Of: Alvvays, Snail Mail, The Breeders

Written by: Oliver Butler

Tags : cheerbleederz