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EP REVIEW: Strange Bones – Blitz Part 2

Photo Credit: Will Shields

Lockdown latest: day ??? Heads are struggling to be kept above water, lethargy has set in and we stare at the clock, only to watch the minutes move backwards. Someone needs to come along and give us a shot in the arm.

Step forward, Strange Bones. Foreseeing the collective lethargy, they’ve written a followup to 2019’s EP, Blitz Part 1, and given us Blitz Part 2. Nominative determinism is in full force on this EP, as Blitz Part 2‘s sonic blueprint can only be described as “the blitz”.

Just three songs long, Blitz Part 2 is a full-blown attack on the senses. Bobby Bentham‘s punk-style stabs would be enough to rattle you, but combined with a full-blown electronic assault, Strange Bones don’t just kick the wasps nest, they ARE the wasps nest.

It might be selling them short to say that there’s a big The Prodigy vibe, but there’s definitely a The Prodigy vibe. However, Strange Bones‘ sound feels like an evolution of that classic sound, as opposed to a replication. The only negative of this EP is that it’ll sadly be quite a while until we’re exposed to this live. However, if you’re struggling to keep yourself motivated during lockdown life, close your eyes, and imagine the sunny vista of a sweaty hall as you ping around the pit to Ten Guns.

A fizzy little EP packed into just under ten minutes, it leaves you in want. You’re overawed by the sonic assault, and the sheer quality of it, but there’s only three songs! You want at least, like, four times that.

If Blitz Part 2 is a sign of things to come, Strange Bones are going to have a very industrious 2020, and take the world by storm in the coming decade.


Standout Tracks: All three, you can’t miss

For Fans Of: The Prodigy, Ho99o9, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Written by: Oliver Butler

Tags : Strange Bones