New Noise



Where: London, UK

What: A mix of big dirty riffs, grime hooks and raw energy.


PENGSHUi formed after Fatty messaged Illaman on Facebook with an idea. In the words of Illaman, “I liked his idea, I got gassed, and told Fatty they need Prav.” Prav, also liking this idea, was too, gassed. The three of them got into a rehearsal room, and continuing in Illaman’s words, “magic happened.” Upon listening to their self-titled debut album, you’d be hard pressed to disagree with that statement.

The band come highly rated from all corners of the music world, with a wide range of artists from grime legend JME to Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds giving the peng lads a shout-out. On top of that, they were picked by The Prodigy to remix Light Up The Sky off their 2018 record, No Tourists.

Not only are they talented musicians, Prav can clap his feet, because they’re flat (which probably makes 8pm on a Thursday very exciting round his area). Fatty has an Air BnB for birds in his beard, and Illaman is psychic, which probably bodes well for a frontman, being able to effortlessly read the room.

They’re only a couple of years old, but already they’re showing pedigree, prowess and listening to every hook, riff and bar, plenty of power too. 2020 could have been their breakthrough year, but as we all well know, not a lot’s really happening right now. However, when we’re all able to go back to normal, PENGSHUi will take the world by force, with a mix of big dirty riffs, grime hooks and raw energy, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.


It’s hard to pin PENGSHUi down. There’s hints of Shikari, The Prodigy, a bit of Hacktivist, but at the same time, it feels completely new. Definitely in the same realm as other newcomers like Nova Twins and Kid Bookie. By mixing punk and grime, they’ve created limitless possibilities, and it’s exciting just to see where, and how far, they can take this.

What’s Next?

“A new album. More gigs. More love. More beer. More goodness.”

What’s not to love?

For Fans Of: Enter Shikari, The Prodigy, Ho99o9

Find Them: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp


See Them Live: 


Thu 17th – NEWCASTLE – Think Tank?
Fri 18th – BIRMINGHAM – Asylum 2
Sat 19th – DONCASTER – Vintage Rockbar
Thu 24th – MANCHESTER – Star And Garter 
Fri 25th – LONDON – Boston Music Room