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ALBUM REVIEW: Orchards – Lovecore

Orchards 2020 Credit Jessie Morgan

Photo Credit: Jessie Morgan

When done absolutely perfectly, a good pop bop can melt anyone’s heart, and get them moving to the beat, from the most grizzled of metalheads to the stuffiest of connoisseurs. Getting that formula right is an art in itself, but with their debut album Lovecore, Brighton alt-pop band Orchards make it look almost easy.

Right from the first bars of Sincerely Overwhelmed, you’re, well, sincerely overwhelmed by a bright and airy sound. It’s absolutely impossible to not begin moving along to Orchards‘ sound. Without selling the band short, their sound can be boiled down to “fun platform gamer”. Think about your favourite video game character, jumping through a level with sunshine, clouds, rolling green fields and cuddly characters whose heads you have to jump on for some reason. It’s a cruel life. However, the fun and bouncy sound of Orchards reminds of effortlessly gliding through a plush world.

The overall production and musicianship on this album is fantastic. The band is tight and vibrant, with vocalist Lucy Evers bouncing across every beat. The little inflections and trills throughout the songs keep you interested, and their sound isn’t sluggish at all. Some of the guitar work reminds you of Foals, so you know you’re getting a good deal here. There’s nothing overtly groundbreaking in what Orchards are doing, but they do what they do incredibly well, and do it to a standard that excites the listener.

There’s either a lot of wishful thinking in Lovecore, or the band are well ahead of the game, because this album is aural summer. March might be bringing cold and coronavirus, but Orchards‘ summery vibes are making sure there’ll be an album for cold Coronas* come summertime. It’s a happy album. You can quite easily put this record on in the background and let three quarters of an hour slide past, but without completely slipping from your memory straight afterwards. It’s as covert as it is catchy.

You want to talk highlights? Buddy, it’s called Lovecore! However, Give Me, Sincerely Overwhelmed and Luv You 2 have more power than most to get you up and dancing. Not least for the ganged “woo!” at the start of Luv You 2, with the stomping chorus giving you no choice but to dance about. If you catch yourself at a loose end this festival season, make sure you’re looking out for Orchards wherever possible. You’re guaranteed a solid half hour to put you in the right mood. Imagine nursing a day three hangover and seeing this lot come on stage, you’ll be floating on air and the hair of the dog after one song.

There’s no long, slow goodbye either, with closer History bringing the same kind of tempo and vibrancy you’re used to by now. Overall, this album is proper good fun. You’ll hear better albums this year, but you’ll be hard pushed to hear an album that’s as fun and bouncy as this. Lovecore‘s a good name, but really, it should have been called Golden Retriever: The Album.

*Other alcoholic beverages available. Bring The Noise UK reminds you to drink responsibly.


Standout Tracks: Give Me, Sincerely Overwhelmed, Luv You 2

For Fans Of: Vampire Weekend, Everything Everything, Foals

Written by: Oliver Butler