VIDEO NEWS: Capstan Release Videos For ‘Bête Noire’ & ‘Heart To Heart’

Capstan have released videos for two new tracks, Bête Noire and Heart To Heart, out now via Fearless Records.

“Bête Noire criticises a broken system that rewards greed and exploitation while leaving ordinary people in suffering,” the band shares. “The song calls for collective action to challenge this unjust status quo and emphasise the need to dismantle the oppressive structures that perpetuate inequality. The repeated chorus lyric of ‘Hail to the thief’ underscores the message of resistance against those who benefit from this system at the expense of others.”

“Heart to Heart depicts a heartfelt and comforting conversation between partners,” they add. “The lyrics acknowledge the speaker’s own shortcomings in listening and paying attention but emphasises the enduring love and connection they share. The chorus highlights the importance of open communication and vulnerability in their relationship, inviting the other person to let their guard down and be themselves. The song is a message of love, understanding, and the power of shared moments.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Bête Noire and Heart To Heart HERE.

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