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EP REVIEW: Boy Destroy – Pink Cloud

Photo Credit: Olof Grind 

Although Sweden is a powerhouse pop-churning nation, an up-and-coming Swedish alt-pop star must be on everybody’s radar. Boy Destroy has already received a lot of praise from across the press… and the hype is well deserved. Boy Destroy released his 2021 debut EP Warpaint and is following up with the new EP, Pink Cloud

As the lead single off Pink CloudSelfish Lies (Laudunum) cements Boy Destroy as the next big alt-pop king. Blending emo-pop, pop-punk and alt-rock, the song is catchy and memorable. With chord progressions and vocals that rival The Kid LAROI and  Machine Gun Kelly, this song sounds like either artist could have written and performed it.

The entire EP addresses Boy Destroy’s road to recovery from addiction, hence the title referring to the euphoric feeling those in recovery feel as they start their journey. However, Selfish Lies (Laudunum) feels the most personal. Whether the song is about another person or drugs, they affect Boy Destroy“You’ve got me like laudunum”  is the most haunting line in the chorus. Not only does the distorted echo of this line stick in the listener’s mind, but the use of this simile paints the dire situation that Boy Destroy finds himself in. The emotional, psychological and physical dependency is clear. They want to break from the back-and-forth that they are undergoing.

Another song that stands out on the EP is Two Faces. It is the only song to start acoustically. Boy Destroy shows off his vocal range and talent as he controls the jump between the notes. Likewise, the composition is well constructed as he transitions between the pre-verse to verse. He seamlessly layers the instruments in the verses before stripping back down, the same technique Machine Gun Kelly uses at the end of Nothing Inside. However, Boy Destroy succeeds by using elements of rock and alt-pop to create an experimental track that works.

Just before the final song, there is Self Immolation. This pop-punk banger starts off with a tasty riff, before coming in with the drums. With grit and angst, Self Immolation is an anthem for those who know what it is like to struggle. Boy Destroy addresses societal pressures that speak to many as well as failure. The failure to go back to something that is bad, but you can’t help but love. Once again, be it an unhealthy relationship with a person or an addiction, the lyrics hold a deep meaning when you listen closely.

There is so much going on for Boy Destroy as he experiments on this EP. Full of personal stories of addiction, relationships and struggles, there are so many emotions that Boy Destroy explores. Whether or not listeners have gone through similar experiences, there is no denying that the lyrics are catchy and well thought out. The songs are polished and demonstrate he has so much potential. The only question left is, when will he release his debut album?


Standout Tracks: Selfish Lies (Laudunum), NO SLEEP, Weak 

For Fans Of: Bring Me The Horizon, Machine Gun Kelly, The Kid LAROI, Blackbear

Written by: Jo Lisney

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