MUSIC NEWS: Sad Park Release New Single ‘CAROUSEL’

Photo Credit: Alice Baxley

Sad Park have released their new single CAROUSEL, taken from their upcoming album NO MORE SOUND.

“CAROUSEL is about wishing you could freeze a moment in time…knowing you are in the middle of something special while it’s happening and wishing you could live in that moment for an eternity,” the band explains. “The song went through a lot of changes from the time we wrote it to when we recorded it. For some of us it just never felt fully there, so we decided to cut it from the album. It wasn’t until we were in the studio talking about songs that our producer, Sean Bonnette of AJJ, suggested we bring it back and give it one last chance. He suggested we make it a little “slower and moodier, almost like Deftones” so we took that, gave it another try and it is the song that made the album.”

NO MORE SOUND is due for release on 7th July 2023 via Pure Noise Records, available to pre-order HERE.

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