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LIVE REVIEW: Siamese, Resolve, The Underworld, London, 10/04/2023

The thing about co-headline tours is that you always get more than what you forget you’ve paid for. By the time the first of the dual headline acts of the evening’s time on stage is over, you almost forget that another band is set to follow in their footsteps, all of us so accustomed to the traditional format of tours, several support acts followed by the band with the biggest font on the line up, that moment either feeling like an extra added bonus or a bit of a slog depending if you are over the age of twenty-five attending gigs. But in this day and age and in this climate post the pandemic, as all of us aren’t getting any younger, our legs are starting to ache that little bit more opposed to the pre-pandemic days back when we were all two years younger. But we will take every inch of the ageing pains in pursuit of seeing the beloved bands our heart longed for so much when the world shut down. 

And it’s that golden magic of co-headline tours that applies to tonight’s gig down at Camden’s iconic sweat box that is The Underworld, as two European metalcore titans in Siamese and Resolve come to send their glitchy shockwaves through London’s underground music venue. 

Flying in from France, Resolve’s sound is one that transcends genre altogether. Whilst their sound might be a hybrid of modern metalcore meets glitchy electronics, it’s their story that does all the telling, curating this futuristic universe where darkness is lightened with hope and turmoil is abolished with optimism and that sentiment is echoed throughout their live show. Songs featured in their setlist tonight, such as new number Death Awaits, to which vocalist Anthony Diliberto prefaces the song saying “I’ve learned two things in this wild life. The first, London passion is everything. The second, death awaits,” the track celebrates life in all its live brutally beautiful glory to big hitter Of Silk And Straw, its glitchy heavy metalcore with atmospheric spaces that don’t need to be filled with nonsense. With debut album Between Me And The Machine wraps are plastered across the amps, the entire band dressed head to toe in crisp monochrome and open discussions about the hot topic of merch cuts, “You may have heard about merch cuts. Good news tonight in this venue is they don’t take any merch cut. Which means everything you buy goes straight to the band playing here tonight,”. Resolve round off their time down at The Underworld with a French thank you and au revoir. This isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing Resolve dominate London. 10/10

Jetting in from Denmark, the last time the Siamese, the metalcore meets orchestral five piece touched down on UK soil the band supported the mighty Wage War at the Electric Ballroom. From supporting at the Ballroom to headlining The Underworld, Siamese come complete with their brand of going from a techno party during fan favourite anthem B.A.N.A.N.A.S to new singalong metalcore number Shape Of Water, not forgetting the orchestral sophistication this band infuse into their blend of otherwise heavy soul destroying music, Can’t Force The Love and closer Ocean Bed perhaps the pinnacles of what defines Siamese as a heavy band who have the talent to carve out pop sounding songs. Between the hilarious banter chatter about Brexit and unborn children becoming footballers, Siamese bring a metalcore rave to a bank holiday down in Camden, full of humour and heartfelt emotion. 10/10

Written By: Katie Conway-Flood

Katie Conway-Flood
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