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LIVE REVIEW: Cassyette, Electric Ballroom, London, 22/03/2023

Photo Credit: Luke Nugent

Cassyette has had to come to terms with being on the tip of people’s tongues and one of the hottest artists on everyone’s lips. Rising through the TikTok ranks whilst working her backside off on the live circuit, Cassyette’s success has been something of deserved efforts. From her Essex bedroom to being front and centre side by side with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes on the main stage at the Download Pilot, the nu-metal queen who crosses over BDSM gothic sexy style of Void Of Vision, graphic neon glitchy live imagery of Bring Me The Horizon with the vocal ferocity and fiery attitude of Nova Twins, despite the inspirations, influences and easy comparisons, Cassyette is an artist and visionary force driving at full speed in her own lane. So, when she got on down to Camden’s Electric Ballroom, Cassyette caused electric levels of mayhem, with her gothic nu-metal crossover pop party that will be marked in the diary of a thousand of her diehard fans as a night to remember on their Instagram stories forever. 

If there is anything to display Cassyette’s eclectic taste in music before she steps out to the manic hysteria that awaits the arrival of her highness herself, it’s displayed in her pre-show playlist. From the legendary The Prodigy to pop princess Rihanna and hottest band of the moment Bad Omens, if there is an energy and artistry that can match these names it’s Cassyette’s. Kicking things off with opener Like That, Cassyette dons a sizzling hot all black leather get-up complete with studded BDSM style mask, Like That is only the start of the cyber-punk party that is set to blast pop anthems for the nu-metal gathering as the night unfolds and amplifies in chaos. 

“I’ve been waiting to play this show for a long time, thank you for showing up and being your authentic selves” says the singer, a shining physical example of what it means to have no fear in being your true authentic self, you can’t help but Cassyette is a figure for the younger generation to be fearless in becoming themselves and expressing that to the fullest extent. Songs such as September Rain, Mayhem and Sad Girl Summer showcase Cassyette’s unreal vocal range, her innate ability to meld genres with tastefulness and ferocity and the sheer vulnerability to confess and confront your own personal angst for life’s low moments, whilst coming to the realisation that you are not alone in your struggles. Where the innocent Mayhem will find you crying on the floor to a crumbling relationship, Sad Girl Summer will find you in the midst of your hot girl summer, leaving your toxic relationships behind because you’ve gained the self-realisation that you deserve so much better. 

“Dear goth, it’s been 666 days since my last confession” confesses Cassyette, the lyrics that kickstart Dear Goth jumping out as a diary entry on the screen that backdrops her powerful presence, returning to stage for her two-track encore. Afterwards, closer Prison Purse sends out Cassyette’s party with one last bang of euphoria and serotonin, the raging alt rock anthem unleashing the last trickle of pent-up anger left in Cassyette’s fans. 

Proving that there is only one form of positive, life affirming energy fuelled mayhem you need in your life, Cassyette pours her heart and her soul into her live show and her adoring fans do the same right back at her. 9/10

Written By: Katie Conway-Flood

Katie Conway-Flood
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