MUSIC NEWS: Royal Thunder Announce Fourth Album & Release Video For New Single ‘Fade’

Photo Credit: Justin Reich

Royal Thunder have announced their fourth album Rebuilding The Mountain, due for release on 16th June 2023 via Spinefarm

“It was really a special time writing and working on this record,” explains guitarist Josh Weaver. “There were a lot of hardships we had prior to the pandemic and during, as everyone experienced. The band dissolved and toxic behavior became a priority over the music, addiction being the number one factor for things falling apart. We reconnected with our drummer, Evan Diprima, during the pandemic. We agreed that we needed to get our priorities straight and do the band uncompromisingly right, as in right for us. There was a huge void in us, not playing. We started writing our album immediately.  We surrendered our heart and soul to each song. It felt good to work hard and create, to have what felt like a second chance to be a band again. We are thankful for the music and the healing it has brought us. We hope that the music will be a source of hope, inspiration, and healing to all that hear it.”

The trio have also released a video for their new single Fade. 

“Fade is a reminder to me that despite the exchange of positive and negative energy, we can heal all of our connections,” adds lead vocalist/bassist Mlny Parsonz. “We don’t have to live with our pain, we have the power to change how we interact with it and others.”

Rebuilding The Mountain is available to pre-order HERE

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