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LIVE REVIEW: Oceans Ate Alaska, InVisions, Resolve, The Underworld, Camden, 22/09/2022

Photo Credit: Derek Bremner 

Modern metal genre benders Oceans Ate Alaska are on top of their game. They dropped their most recent record Disparity moments before this very headline run of UK dates, which sees the band wind up down at Camden’s sweatiest underground dungeon in The Underworld. The band were in the company of fellow British metalcore heavyweights InVisions and France’s finest Resolve, Oceans Ate Alaska were the icing on top of this slice of metal delight, exhibiting a bunch of material off Disparity and beyond with the biggest levels of energy. 

Making the pit that is The Underworld even hotter than it already is, Resolve and InVisions brought some of the best UK and European metalcore music to Camden and then some. Resolve come armed with spine tingling vocals, infectious melodies and some crushing instrumentals, the kind of metalcore that hits on all the right emotions. After them, InVisions add more fuel to a fire that is tearing through the venue, brutal, punishing and unapologetic in their approach. Both bands serve as the ideal support to welcome another modern great of the modern metalcore scene.

If Resolve and InVisions were the gourmet starter and main of the evening, then that makes Oceans Ate Alaska the delectable and delicious dessert of this three-course meal, topping off an exquisite course of metalcore perfection to five-star service. The band open up their set with new album number Metamorph, providing an assault on the senses from the start, flashing lights that hit you right in the face and punishing vocals that punch you right in the gut and knock you out before the second round. 

The rest of the new records tracks put up an even bigger fight, Paradigm, Sol and Nova dipping up and down between riffs, lo-fi’s, cleans and screams proving that a beat of an album translates to just that in reality. 

If you were wondering where the songs from older albums like Hikari and Lost Isles are, then they can be found in the form of Covert, Hansha and closer Escapist just to name a few. No matter where you have fallen down in the endless pit of Oceans Ate Alaska’s journey, whether that be back in 2015 or 2022 even with the long gaps between releases, Oceans Ate Alaska are not to be forgotten and live they are simply unforgettable. 


Written By: Katie Conway-Flood

Katie Conway-Flood
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