MUSIC NEWS: Dear Seattle Release New Track ‘Paranoid Letter’

Photo Credit: Maclay Heriot

Dear Seattle have released their new track Paranoid Letter, taken from their forthcoming album Someday.

Written on a trip away back in 2020, Paranoid Letter is one of my favourites from the record as it feels deeply personal. The instrumentation is unlike anything DS has tried in the past, and the lyrics bounce around from first and second person in an almost disorienting fashion to try and give some insight into the headspace I was occupying at the time,” explains vocalist Brae Fisher.

Deep in a haze of imposter syndrome and creative blockages, I found myself becoming increasingly paranoid that everything I had worked for would soon be pulled out from under me. Like people would suddenly decide my creative efforts weren’t relevant anymore. I had never applied so much negative pressure to myself before, and I was honestly just trying to find a way through it when the premise of this song came about. It’s a letter I wrote to myself to help make sense of why I felt like it was all going to fall apart.

The track was performed on the band’s US tour earlier this year, now fans can check out the studio version of the track!

Someday is due for release on 2nd September 2022, available to pre-order HERE

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