VIDEO NEWS: RedHook Release Video For New Single ‘Jabberwocky’

RedHook have released a video for their new single Jabberwocky, an intensely personal song that addresses vocalist Emmy Mack’s experience of being sexually assaulted while on the band’s first ever overseas tour.

“As difficult as this song was to write, I felt like it was something I had to do,” she explains. “One of the main ways I cope when horrible things happen in life is by listening to music. But when this happened to me, for the very first time, I couldn’t find a song that resonated with what I was going through. Isn’t it strange that we’ve heard so many stories about high-profile male predators in the heavy music space over the past few years, and yet there are so few songs in the genre that deal with sexual assault itself from a female perspective? I really wanted to help change that.”

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