VIDEO NEWS: Panic Shack Release Video For New Single ‘The Ick’

Photo Credit: Ren Faulkner

Panic Shack have released a video for their new single The Ick, a glimpse into their upcoming debut EP Baby Shack

“The Ick is about that feeling you get when you’re dating someone and they do something that really turns you off,” the band explains. “No matter how insignificant or trivial – the feeling is irreversible and it’s really not their fault. Something that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker but when you’re there staring your Ick in the face, there really is no coming back from it. Where their mere presence is enough to make you want to vom in your own mouth. You would rather run into oncoming traffic, whilst burning alive, than to spend a second longer in their company. 

“It was written while we were on a little song-writing holiday we called Tweak Week which ended up being more of  five-day drinking binge in our quaint little holiday cottage. We were gossiping and laughing about past dating fails, sharing anecdotes and it just snowballed from there. Every lyric are actual things that happened to us and gave us major ICK! Someone really did shush Sarah in the cinema – if you can believe that!! (We can.)”

Baby Shack is due for release on 8th April 2022 via Brace Yourself Records, available to pre-order in various formats HERE

Panic Shack will play alongside Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard on 10th March 2022 at Scala, London. You can also catch the band at The Great Escape in May, and with Yard Act on 18th September 2022 at Birmingham’s Institute 3, as part of DIY’s Class of 2022 tour. 

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