MUSIC NEWS: Climate Live Takes Over London With Surprise Pop-Up Gigs

Nova Twins Photo Credit: Kevin Lake

On Saturday 6th November, Climate Live took over London with a set of pop-up gigs which saw Nova Twins, GIRLI and second thoughts performing across the city.  The shows which took place at Camden Town, London Eye and Embankment, were led by members of Fridays for Future youth climate groups raising awareness for the climate emergency impacting the world right now.

Speaking after their performance in Camden, Nova Twins said: “We’re honoured to participate in this fight towards climate change, at this pivotal point in time. We’ve all gotta do what we can, where we can, taking personal responsibility to change how we treat the planet, whilst putting pressure on governments and big corporations to help build a sustainable future. We’re living in an imperfect world and there’s no easy solution but we have to take action now. You can feel very helpless on your own but working with a youth organisation of climate justice activists is very inspiring. Nothing is more important than this message and we’re so proud to be a part of it.”

With Climate Live Founder Frances Fox adding: “We’re here in London on a big pink bus with our message to world leaders at COP26: ‘Can You Hear Us Yet?’. We are out here making some noise and trying to engage more people in the climate movement! I can’t quite believe we’re here. It all began as a glimmer of an idea in May 2019 that then caught the attention of youth across the globe. It has been humbling to see so many getting involved: there have been regular calls with organisers in over 40 countries as we grappled with the logistics to pull all the events off.  It was incredible seeing Greta Thunberg launch the first of the concerts in 20 countries across the world and here we are today with the latest in the series”

Check out Declan McKenna performing British Bombs at April’s Climate Live event in London.

Find out more about Climate Live and sign their Cop26 Global Petition HERE.

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