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LIVE REVIEW: Muse, Nova Twins, The O2, London, 02/10/2023

Photo Credit: Kevin O’Sullivan

Futuristic nostalgia is perhaps a concept Muse have mastered more than any other band. Bringing a derelict, diseased and post-apocalyptic world that has no hope as their last LP Will Of The People portrays through its sci-fi-esque storytelling and colliding it with the 90’s Back To The Future feel, their electrifying riffs evoke and slinky falsettos transport you to, upon entering The O2 on the second night of their sold out shows in London, your mind, body and soul feels somewhere between the past, the present and the future as rock titans Muse refuse to stand down as they put on the biggest blockbuster show of their career to date.

Another band screaming “we are the future!” is dynamic duo Nova Twins. Armed with their hits that embody fierce empowerment from two of the most powerful forces in rock and metal music right now, Nova Twins proved on their support slot with Muse “we are the girls” instead of the question “who are the girls?” Like their debut studio album portrays. “How many bad bitches are in the audience today?” screams guitarist and vocalist Amy Love to the reply of a deafening screech from all the females getting down early to be Nova Twins supporters amongst the midst of the Muse audience. From feeling “murderous tonight” during K.M.B to delivering a knockout blow during Choose Your Fighter, Nova Twins pose the potential that one day it will be Nova Twins bossing the lineup of The o2. 10/10

With a burst of flames, three masked Daft Punk inspired shadows storm onto stage, Muse being the stature of a band who have nine studio albums under their belt and a reputation of one of modern alternative rocks biggest frontrunners, make their presence known. Illuminated by the fire of their Will Of The People symbol set ablaze, streamer cannons bursting across the arena and snowflakes descending down upon them for set opener Will Of The People, you can’t help but think this is still and understated entrance for the grandiosity and spectacle Muse shows entail.

The action packed adventure that dips its toes back into the nostalgic 90’s past of where Muse’s hits like the slinky Plug In Baby, Hysteria or addictive Supermassive Black Hole prove they can be done justice two decades on, frontman Matt Bellamy adored from time to time in a spangled sparkly silver blazer skipping childlike along the walkway delivering some of the most renowned falsettos in the game or smashing up his guitar and giving it to a super fan proves that this frontman has not lost his rock and roll style.

As much as the nostalgia delivers some of the biggest hits of dopamine, Muse material post their 2015 album Drones prove that their craft for curating riffs that stand the test of time live on for eternity. Killer hit Psycho sends the arena into a frenzy of out loud riff singalongs whereas Won’t Stand Down prove Muse to be strong contenders to repeat their headline performance at Download Festival. This song screams don’t you dare say Muse ain’t a metal band and live they deliver a deadly breakdown to make them worthy of returning to Donnington in years to come.

Squeezing a band who have conquered stadium sized shows in the UK earlier this year and shrinking them back down to arena level capacity was always going to equal pure and unfiltered chaos and Muse brought the heat of a band still fired up and hungry for so much more. 10/10

Written By: Katie Conway-Flood

Katie Conway-Flood
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