VIDEO NEWS: Juniper Youth Release Video For Debut Single ‘Full Sun’

Photo Credit: Devon Dawson

Juniper Youth have released a video for their debut single Full Sun. Formed by Bad Rabbits powerhouse drummer Sheel Davé, his brother and guitarist Shan, and vocalist and childhood friend Jarrett Ring, Juniper Youth came together out of lifelong friendship and brotherhood. 

“I badly injured my back in 2017 and thought I’d never play drums again,” says Sheel Davé. “This band was the glue that put my musical mind and drumming body back together. All music aside, it has also reminded me of the importance of dedicating time to the people you love.  Juniper Youth is the band that Shan, Jarrett and I dreamt of starting since we were children. As kids, we learned how to play music together, how to kick a soccer ball together, and how to cause the most unreal mischief together. This band has strengthened the bond between us as humans and the music is a representation of that.”

“From the innocence of our youth on soccer fields, through our teenage daze in high school, to the tears of joy and sadness from the highs and lows of this musical journey, we’ve reinforced our unbreakable bond,” adds Shan Davé. “After a long period of darkness and a decade of musical silence together, we realized that blood is thicker than water and blood always remembers.” 

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Full Sun HERE

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